Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Soozi, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. I passed!!!

    I went off to selection on Thursday, and had a cracking time! Its such a good laugh, and I met loads of great girls! I'm amazed how quickly people bond when thrown into something together!

    All I can say to anybody due to go - its not as bad as you expect. I thought it was going to be soooo hard, but its not. As long as you get involved with everything, and give your all, its straight forward and good fun!

    Thanks to all who have offered advice over the last few months! :) (Especially the_IRON)!

    Oh, and I got told about the extra 3 weeks basic for girls too!
  2. Well done! I had a great time on selection, just got to wait 10 more days to start basic!
  3. well done. selection isnt difficult. the video makes it out to be alot worst then it atchually is.
  4. Well done Soozi, I'll let Lass know! C. :D
  5. well done mate

    have a gud one on basic
  6. Congratulations :)
  7. Congratulations! Ive got my first interview Wednesday i just wanna get to selection to see if im all fine to get in. Fingers crossed.
  8. Just basic to get through now then. lol
  9. I second that !

    Well done Soozi, Good luck for basic.
  10. Cheers guys - got a while to wait yet before basic!
  11. Well done, did you get your first CEG preference :?
  12. I did thanks!

    Now starts the trauma of having to move out, give my pets up and find somebody to rent my house! Oh the joys!
  13. Congrats, how old are you Soozi? Just out of curiosity?
  14. The wrong side of 25!
  15. if your the wrong side you must be 21 as its sh*t until your over 25 :D