Woohoo!! Farscape on channel 5

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by intergeri, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Just flicking channels and found Farscape on 5. I'm really not a sci fi fan but absolutely loved this show (and not just because of Ben Browder but that added to the pleasure). Remember watching this faithfully on BBC2 and also watching Babylon 5 on Channel 4. Any other Farscape fans out there?
  2. Claudia Black rocks my boat
  3. I haven't seen it for years & didn't know they made a movie.

    What's Scorpius doing as part of the team? I thought he was the arch bady? Am confused (as usual)
  4. But...... Dads Army on BBC 2!
  5. they didn't this is an edited version of a mini series made in 2004 after the series was scrapped in 2002
  6. But i watched that & I'm not making heads or tails of this. Oh well it could be worse. . . . .

    Again !!
  7. Not in Wales, we got snooker on BBC2W
  8. Far Scape was pretty good but i seem to remember that it kept being bumped around the schedules
  9. You've never had sex have you?
  10. Peacekeeper the farscape wars - classic ending

    I have all 5 series on mp4 (ipod/pc watching) pm if interested for a copy
  11. Does this programme have any appeal to anyone over the age of 14?
  12. I think you had to definately be an adult to get the full connatations of some of the female characters especially Chiana :wink:

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  13. Piccies please.Can't be arrsed to Google them.
  14. So you're interested now?? :lol:

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