woodland osprey?

I was wondering (im not in the forces.....yet!) But I see that out troops can be deployed all over, and that includes places non-desert. I have only seen the ospray body armour in desert colours, so if men are deployed to somewhere woodland, is there a woodland version?

Osprey was an Urgent Operational Requirement as enhanced combat body armour didn't provide sufficient protection. PECOC (on which there is a thread in this forum) has a replacement for Osprey which will come in both DPM and the new desert cam.

If you go to basic any time soon though, you'll be wearing ECBA. PECOC isn't due for a few years yet.
Ollie2376 said:
Ahh i see, but what im getting at is that if our boys are deployed to somewere wooded, will they have to wear ecba?
They could always just be Rebels and wear it under a smock.
Or Paint it.
Or put NBC tape all over it.
Or more than likely just leave it until it got minging with mud and sh1t.
Although Osprey is issued a UOR and therefore only meant to be used on HERRICK\TELIC the need to provide the best equipment for our people remains. So 1200 sets of Osprey has been produced in current woodland and is earmarked for any Spearhead deployment.

The future, as has been said, is PECOC which will push full coverage body armour out to all units committed to the FORM cycle and on ops.

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