Wooden Theodolite Tripod

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by kingburn_99, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Evening All,

    A bit of a long shot, but I was hoping someone would have or know where to get an old wooden/brass theodolite tripod.

    It is only the tripod I am after as the missus wants me to DIY it into a lamp for our living room.

    Preferably adjustable wooden legs with brass fittings and steel feet but I would appreciate anything.

    I have seen and used these during my brief time in the Artillery. Surely there must be some old stock lying around as the one I used looked about 50 years old at least.

    Any help or suggestions welcome.

  2. Wouldnt mind a lamp signal survey on a tripod like the one in Will and Grace
  3. Do you mean the one on the survey wagon?
  4. One like the above would be great, but I refuse to pay £50-£100, I was hoping for a bit of a fixer upper to save me some money and give me something to do while she watches strictly x factor dancing.

    It is the kind of thing someone will have in a dark corner of a shed and i was just hoping to source one.

    eyes are being kept peeled on ebay, but any further info welcomed

  5. Can only confirm what has been said. I look out for these on e-bay, still occasionally use kit with the 3.1/4" thread, and prices are surprisingly high.

    Saw a mountain of Hilger and Watts tripods at a surplus place but that must have been 15 years ago. Can't imagine they were all sold but no trace of them in the yard now.

    Usual thing with e-bay, keep looking,sometimes you can be lucky if no one else is bidding.

    You could also ask around if you are near any survey equipment hire places. Unlikely, but some of the smaller outfits may hang on to this sort of stuff.
  6. There are tripods of this type from time to time on ebay without the 3 1/4 threaded top. Hilger and Watts tripods would probably suit you also. I have been looking for a tripod for a Director for years --(3 1/4 thread) and have seen only one but missed it on the auction. This type of tripod seems to cammand a price in the area of £80. Good luck to you.
  7. I had one, Aussie by the marks. But I left it in a ex-bird's garage.
    I'm still on decent terms with her so I could ask if it's still there, could have been binned though.
    It's the sort of thing I'll have to slip into a conversation at some point though, I'm not ringing her to ask for something that i left lying at my arse five years ago.
  8. When's the last time you bought a round of drinks or 'trayners' for kids..??..amazes me how people think good hardwood/solid brass fittings are worth less than £180.00 worth of 'nike' shite/crap beer
  9. You're not very good at searching eBay, are you?

    wooden tripod | eBay

    Bidding from £5.50 upwards and some already with lamps.
  10. you mean the one that has now leapt to £112.00..the clue is "bidding from"...drop, penny, auction, ending on.. :)
  11. No. The one that's still at £5.50. It's an ancient brass and wood camera tripod so all the people looking for "survey tripod" or similar might just miss it.
  12. Biscuits -- That would be a great service if you could resurrect it. Hen's teeth are common by comparison.