Wooden Plinth for Commando Dagger

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by beefybayonet, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. I'm trying to get a wooden plinth as a gift for a relative who has a presentation Fairburn Sykes dagger.

    I've tried Google and Ebay, but the only dagger stands I can find are cheesy fantasy orc-slaying dagger ones.

    Does anybody know where I might be able to get a simple, wood plinth that holds the dagger horizontally?


  2. There are those that might say that presentation Fairburn Sykes daggers are cheesy orc-slaying fantasy. Not me, you understand; just some people.
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  3. You might try the company below. They don't speicifally list plinths in their catalougue, however they do have them as part of another item (see letter openers) so may be able to help you. They are very helpful.

  4. You could probably get a local joiner to knock you one up. Just look in Yellow Pages, or try 192.com. You should be able to get one made from a decent bit of mahogany or similar for around twenty quid.
  5. Q C Militaria Cheltenham has a heap of skilled men all over the place ready to mount anything from a 7.62 round to a lance and beyond.
    Medals accurately mounted for display or wearing.

    (I used to work with John, he is an ex-Scaley and most knowledgeable .

    Get your Dagger properly mounted to show it off to best effect:

  6. If you can get in touch with the UIF shop at CTCRM they will mount it for you. Phone number on MOD website, search for Lympstone.
  7. He's probably dead now mate - its a 10 year old thread
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  8. Noble effort, Tony - but it was 9 years ago that he was looking for one.

    He’s probably sorted something by now.
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  9. It just so happens Tony owns laser carve.
    I am sure he's obtained the site owners permission to start advertising on here.
    Its not like adverts pay for the site...

    @Good CO

    @Bad CO
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  10. Grass.
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  11. Bounder
  12. Yup, I make my living grassin' to the feds
  13. Who me or the sneaky advert guy?