Wood Burning Stoves

Discussion in 'Travel' started by PandaLOVE, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Calling all rednecks..... I'm looking to put a small wood burner or pot belly stove in a living space of approx. 14x6.5x6.8ft (LxWxH). So some dumbass questions:

    1. Would 3kw be suffient in winter? Would 8kw cook me alive?
    2. Min. distance between wall and stove?
    3. Would a double 90deg. angle in the flu increase heat, aid draw?
    4. I've seen steel stoves advertised. How comparable against cast iron?
    5. Anyone cooked with these?
    6. Purchase for example, Firewarm 4 Stove £199 on Ebay, £350 elsewhere. Do you know of anywhere else that specialise?

    Anything else you can think of to assist will be grateful. Thanks.

  2. we have a wood burner, ist a villager "Kitchener", our room is a bit bigger than yours and it is ok, heat wise it realy depends on what you burn as to the heat output if you burn soft wood not very good, oak ok, ash vgood,MDF sweat box!! its a bit of a try and find out. it may be worth getting an expert in as its not that strightforward you need vents to let air in the room, you may need the flue lineing (cost a bit) you may need a multi fuel stove if you want to keep it in overnight, as for cast or steel is all anout looks cast tend to look old, steel look modern

    hope this helps

  3. It's already insured.
  4. Thanks, great stuff. I'll be burning all sorts of free stuff. Would stray cats and dogs burn OK?
  5. Just check that the property is not subject to a Smoke Control Order under the Clean Air Act 1993 (many properties, particulalry in urban areas, are). It controls what you can/cannot put up a chimney.

    If the property is subject to a Smoke Control Order, you can still go ahead with your plans, but you must either have a approved appliance, or burn approved smokeless fuel. Information about these can be found at: http://www.uksmokecontrolareas.co.uk/

    To find out if you're in a Smoke Control Area, contact environmental health at your district council.

    Good luck!
  7. My folks had a cast iron box in the living room that burnt wood and ran the hot water and central heating. I read the manual - the box was designed to all-but exclude air to force the stove to burn the combustion gasses. I'm not sure I understand the science of it, but it produced a shitload of heat from a few bits of wood. You could nearly touch the glass door and the flames were..............well, not proper, dancing flames :?
  8. I would suggest going to a canal forum and asking some questions there, this post might just make you realise how important correct fitting is:Fire on my boat

    Every year there are about 5 fires on narrowboats from improperly fitted solid fuel stoves and about one death due to insufficient ventilation/ carbon monoxide poisoning. Be very careful as there are currently no British or European standards for correct fitment of of a solid fuel stove on a boat or mobile home.
  9. Yes, good point. I've just asked the question. If it turns out no one will insure then I just won't tell anyone. If my van goes up in flames then I'll take the hit but as long as I have a piece of paper to wave at Mr. Plod that's all that matters to me. I can't go through life worrying about these minor technical matters. :wink:
  10. Some useful info. turning up so thanks to everyone who's taken the time. I will to-and-fro with the info. as I go.

  11. Chieftiff is on the donegal on this one. Small spaces are the realms of the Morso Squirrel. Output enough not to need extra venting. Google that badboy and it will probably show up on a few Narrow boat websites too. Cast so takes a while to warm up but holds the heat incredibly well. You can get a back box to warm water too. A HETAS approved Engr will be a must if it is in the house, in the back of the Robert Redford who gives a monkeys!
    Oh and you get a wicked little Squirrel on the sides to talk about too.
  12. Thanks for that. Checked out the Morso Squirrel. Not cheap is it? The cute little squirrel bit and chatting to it gave me false hope. :wink:
  13. You can get a small portable gas heater or stick with a stove. If you go for a stove make sure it is multi and not wood alone, every time you go to a petrol station you can purchase coal and peat on sale.
    ask these folk for their words of wisdom.
  14. Just buy an eberspacher d2 airtronic 12v heater plenty on ebay I got a 2.2Kw inc timer for just over £200 ay least you can program it to come on/off as you see fit over a 7 day cycle pretty straight forwards to fit and a fair few campers have them fitted