Woo Hoo Colonial Cousins get the message.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by auld_grumpy, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. ........ Maybe !!!??? Just watched a recent episode of CSI New York, you know the series where scientists solve every crime in the book and do it so sexilly !? and lo and behold the baddies are none other than Irish Republican terrorists, no not FREEDOM FIGHTERS but, baddies, and they lose !! They get killed and they are portrayed as baddies and complete cnuts !!! Whats going on ? Have our banjo playing, shamrock wearing, NORAID supporting fcukwit cousins eventually got the message ? Especially in Noo Yoik ? I fcuking hope so. Maybe someone should forward a copy of this episode to members of the ´merican 'Royal Family' you know know the one headed by dead presidents and that grey haired, dribbling, alco nosed, run away from the scene of a fatal accident, and lie through your teeth, buy your way out of trouble, opertunistic, lot of fcuking wnakers, er let me think for a mo, oh yeah the Kennedies, Kommedies, Kunnts, something like that. Gawd, don't ya just lurve 'merica ?

    Edited 'cos I'm a 'puter mong and was shouting, apparently !!

    Yours hopefully, Grumpy
  2. Tell us how you really feel.
  3. And...breathe, mate. Breathe. :whew: :wink:
  4. Such finely argued rhetoric. Obviously the fruit of a classical education.
  6. It's sufink wot u lernded wen u got tort proper like an shit :wink: Seriously, does anyone get a classical education these days?
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Columbo nicked a shipment of arms in the 70's

    Funny how things change though

    If it all kicks off again (although as we know it never ended) will we see USMC in Belfast?
  8. And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain he wept; for there were no more worlds to conquer... :wink:
  9. Oooooh, get you with the erudite quote! :D
  10. Hey, I can quote from ALL the Die Hard movies! :D
  11. No-one likes a show-off :wink:
  12. "Columbo nicked a shipment of arms in the 70's"

    Never trusted those south 'merican fcukers. Barstewrds invaded Uncle Bennys farm too, gave me the farthest deployment of my service ! Half way round the globe ! To end up in a place like the fcuking Outer Hebrides, with penguins !!

    Yours Grumpy

    Edited again,for mongness, again !!
  13. Wot ? U meen like,

    2B R not 2B, thats the ?, whevar it's noblar 2 pick up ya arms or av slingshots in ya ed or summit,


    M8's,wops or bruvvas, lend iz ya edfones 'cos mines iz nicked, innit !

    Yours Grumpy
  14. Beano and Victor have a lot to answer for! :D
  15. Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt !! dude!

    Yours Grumpy