Wont You B-9?

just in time for Christmas and at $ 24,500 CAN [ plus shipping and handling ] this is got to be one sweet toy for boys [ as opposed to boy toys ]
the Genuine B-9 Robot


doubt the missus is about to lay out some rainy day pin money for one of these but it got me thinking.. what's the ultimate toy for boys? what's on your dream list from Santa?

I was thinking yacht and twin 19 year old playboy bunnies but have an attachment to my gonads so don't want to upset the wife...

What's the ultimate toy for boys? What's on your dream list from Santa?
I'll tell ya. A missus who knows when to shut up and swallow.

Barring that, a bank account that automatically replenishes itself everytime I make a withdrawal (all without me ever having to lift a finger.)

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