wont this get scrapped by the EU under ooman rights?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Grumblegrunt, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

  2. It would be nice to think that it could happen but there will be the cries of hooman rites, and probably claims for compensation for the stress of being told they should speak the language of the country they're sponging from
  3. I do not see how learning the lingo as an immigrant is such a challenge!
    In the last 14 years here in the US, I have learned lots of Spanish.

    To the point, that I can now order, one, two, or even three beers in Spanish.
    (Can't spell it, so I will not try here Par Favor)
  4. But Good Old Dave has Promised to change/get rid of the Ooman Rights Laws.

  5. This is the thing I don't understand about the logic of the EU and International Asylum Treaties.

    International Asylum Treaties should only allow people to flee to the nearest safe haven. But they don't. They allow asylum seekers the discretion to choose the haven which will treat them most generously - which naturally means they all come here.

    Same goes for the EU really.
  6. Does that mean they will be pulping the benefit forms available in 14 different languages and stop hiring in interpreters at £40/hr?
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  7. When you think about it, smart dills on the behalf of the Frogs and Germans, move all your immigrants on to some one else's tab.
  8. Uslesless electioneering rhetoric

    When it falls at the first post by some bureacratic ECHR bollocks, CMD will say "Look, at least we tried!" knowing full well it would have gone nowhere anyway
  9. I know. Yet another example of the Brits winning the war and losing the peace.
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    In answer to the OPs question: No.

    None of the convention rights:

    Right to Life
    Prohibition of Torture
    Prohibition of Slavery and Forced Labour
    Right to Liberty and Security
    Right to a Fair Trial
    No Punishment Without Law
    Right To Respect for Private & Family Life
    Freedom of Thought Conscience and Religion
    Freedom of Expression
    Freedom of Assembly and Association
    Right To Marry
    Prohibition of Discrimination
    Restrictions On The Politocal Activities of Aliens
    Prohibition of Abuse of Rights

    Or the Protocol Rights

    have been violated.
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  11. I don't see how it does infringe on human rights... it allows for greater access to the UK and encourages education.

    It certainly isn't a shackle.

    English is the spoken language of Britain. You may speak any other language you like.
  12. There could be an argument that it goes against the Prohibition of Discrimination in that you are discriminating against someone due to them not being able to speak English.

    Backlash that with the equality argument in not treating asylum seekers like British nationals.

    There is review on the Human Rights Act at the moment, the new Rights Bill is slowly going through the Parliamentary system.

    Hopefully it will be the 'British Bill of Rights' that Cameron spoke about before becoming PM.
    Although I can't find a copy if the text of it online anywhere....
  13. I've highlighted the ones that 'could' be used.

    Rights to private and family life, they could claim that if they speak a lingo already amongst their peers why learn English? Likewise some religions have languages (Islam and Jews for example).
    They could just claim it to be discrimination forceing them to learn English when others are not forced to learn a language.

    Lawyers are poor are they?

    Best way, set it in stone you need a E (or what ever the lowest grad is now) in English, Maths and British History and Citizenship. Or no access to the 'work exchange', where the receipiant gives up 1 hour of their time for 1 hours min wage.

    Cleaning graffiti, sorting recycling, sitting in a dark room.... 1 hour for Britain, not Jeremy Kyle.