Wont promote in last two years cos of Pension

So with this new pension scheme coming in will this have to change?
Most Arms dont promote (unless WO) "cos it aint worth it cos it aint pensionable". If the new system does a group average of your last three years pay (as im led to believe) this makes it a bit silly right?
Will a Sgt waiting for CSgt/SSgt on the old scheme who misses the chance for promo cos of the two year rule be better off asking to change?
Just a point on the rules of the new pension scheme.

The salary to be used will be the best consecutive 365 days in the last 3 years of service.

Hope this makes sense.
So thats the last 365 aint it? With increments every year it is, surely it can only be a basic wage too. Cos if we aint on tour anyway we soon will be! Adding 6 months LSSA on top whack to your "best consec 365 days" would be too much of a Brucie Bonus wouldn't it.
The rules of not promoting in your last year, lets say, doesnt count for toffee on the new scheme then does it?
In practise, the pension will be assessed on the final 365 days pay and will only basic pay will be used. There may be occassions where someone has been at a higher rank during a period of their last 3 years' service and been paid higher during that period (acting rank, inefficieny etc). The scheme leaflet is on the MOD website, but if you are really interested, try to get hold of the JSP that explains in some detail how the pay is calculated for the new scheme.

You are absolutely correct about the rules that are currently used. At present, someone has to have two years in rank to be awarded a pension based upon that rank, but with the new scheme, it will just be based upon what is actually being paid to the individual. So at least as far as the pension is concerend, there is no reason why someone can't be promoted in their final two years of service.
Its a still a little bit "White mans magic" to me but thanks for seeing me right, just have to put together a good enough arguement to records now to promote(ie get them to put in writing they arent promoting "to help me out cos it wont be pensionable" then BAM!
Ha Ha
Thanks again

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