Wonky Feet

I recently went to see a podiatrist (after a physio recommended doing so) and the result is that I've got slightly flat feet. I'm now going to get some custom insoles made up for me.

My question is: I've heard that people with foot problems in the army are able to have boots such as lowas issued to them. Is this for real and if so, how do I go about getting some?
.. I have flat feet, and use Lowa's with sorbothane inserts.. seems to help my feet.

.. I have never heard of the Army helping here...

Like wg100 would be interested if we can get help?
You need to wait until you get your insoles, to see which boots they'll fit comfortably.

When age and selection courses finally started giving me feet problems, I went to a Harley St specialist and was fitted with some carbon-fibre orthotic insoles (cured everything virtually overnight - wished I'd had them at the start of my career. I never heard of any Army facility for special boots or gait-correction - the MoD is too stupid and mean to understand how much they could save by avoiding lower-leg injuries in soldiers....).

I found that my insoles needed footwear with decent room around the instep. One big problem is that the sharp edge of the insoles eventually cuts through the lining of the boot - and this is very quick to happen in a gortex lining such as in a Danner. Accordingly, I wouldn't recommend spending any money on expensive waterproof boots. Ironically, the most restistant footwear was the standard cheapo boot with the issue nylon mesh insole!
See the physio (RAMC) nearest to you. Off the top of my head there's some at Frimley Park, Catterick, Pirbright, Chilwell, probably Warminster and Tidworth/Bulford. They'll do orthotic (or orthopaedic, forget the term) insoles for free if they have the facilities.

Watch out though son, the female ones will break your heart...
I left due to CP of the knees. I couldn't run anymore and it was physically painful to climb stairs at times. I went to a physio who corrected my gait and now I can walk without pain (though running is out of the question).

It turns out that she has treated loads of ex squaddies, and I was no different. If I had been seen by a physio at least once a year the problem might never have appeared.

The Army's Q staff are not trained to issue boots correctly and just dish them out regardless of fit. How many of you were issued boots that never fitted and gathered dust in the back of your locker?

And finally, I couldn't find a solicitor that would agree to take on the MoD in a claim for my injury as the MoD was too powerful and that the injury happened over a lengthy period, meaning that an exact date could not be used for when the injury occurred.

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