Would it be possible to log into Arrse without those creepy puppets from Wonga.com shouting at me? I appreciate you have to take advertising revenue however I'm sure you'll agree they are beyond annoying / irksome, especially given the nature of the 'service' they advertise and it's negative feedback here on Arrse. ?Surely there are some advertising subscriptions the site CO's can turn down with a polite 'thanks, but duck off...' and Wonga.com should be up there with the worst of them.

Rant over. It's probably the heat.

PS I know I can go advert free however have had some cracking deals off this site so generally happy to give adverts the once over and then switch off if they don't appeal to me. Wonga however just make me itch.
What, a mere 2,000,000,000% APR interest rate and you're jibbing about the ads? Shame on you. Without a continuous supply of homeless ex-squaddies, fallen on hard times and then thrown out of their homes by Wonga's repossessionkommando, who would well-meaning people raise money for, eh? You want to see the RBL run out of charity cases, do you? Do you?

For shame.
I was trying to write a cogent reply but Wonga puppets keep shouting at me.

I've bought a shedfull of kit from Arrse ads, my best buy has to be my Pilgrim Aku's which I'm not even allowed to wear at work! Wonga however just makes me break out in Ebola. so **** the admin cases, the welfare warriors etc etc etc - give me some peace!
Apparently, the Newcastle United striker, Pappe Cisse, refuses to wear the club shirt displaying the Wonga logo (they are the new sponsors of NUFC).
He has therefore been fined £500 by the club......if he doesn`t pay the fine within thirty days, it rises to £17,250!!

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