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Wonder where Bliar is on his hols...

We seek him here, we seek him there. Where`s Our Tony?

  • Home on the ranch with his best pal Dubya...

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  • Sipping embalming fluid cocktails in the Caribbean with his mate Cliff..

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  • Passing the kids around with Wacko Jacko at Neverland - the lengths they will go to for a freebie...

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  • Enjoying the Mafia millions of a certain Italian leader (not Mussolini)...

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  • Getting tips from the Nazi war criminals in Argentina...

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  • Cowering somewhere in Brazil (because the insurance company wouldnt pay for the cancellation)...

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  • Feeding minions to the sharks in Dr Evils volcano lair...

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  • Shivering in the rain whilst camping in the Lake District...

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  • Larging it with Euan in Ibiza...

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  • Passing the missus around (with no takers) at a hedonism resort...

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Adam Boulton let the cat out of the bag last week and has not been seen since...

Now, there are two questions to be answered.

1. Is it correct that the Dear Leader's destination is kept secret? Could we sleep at night if a hair of his handsome head was harmed? Or is it a PR stunt to spare some freeloading blushes?

2. Where is the Scarlet Pimpernel? I enclose some poll options. The real destination may (or may not) be among them...

It will be a relief not to have to witness the Prince of Lies for a week or two, or to see the hideous site of the Wicked Witch exposing expanses of pitted white flesh that would put the surface of the moon to shame.
The pollster that selected Option 2 has won a prize.

Sipping embalming fluid cocktails in the Caribbean with his mate Cliff..
Just send a SAE to "Bliar's Holiday Destination", 10 Downing Street, SW1A 2AA, with a tiebreaker answer to the question "I think Bliar is a cnut because..." in order to claim your prize of an embossed white postcard stating "The Prime Minister acknowledges your concern...".

Some observations:

1. According to the Mail (the Chairman of the RBL branch in Barbados) the Dear Leader invited himself along to the Cenotaph.

2. The First Family apparently pay for economy flight tickets in the knowledge they will receive an upgrade.

I hear Lord Vestey is about to be parted from a good few acres in of all places , Venezuela. As are other major land owners, as Chavez gets his land reform programmes underway.....

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