Wonder if this would happen over here??

Sorry $500 off a car is nothing at the minute in the states, I reckon I could get between $1000-$4000 off a Ford of equivalent age and cost at my local (MD) dealer.

A great sales pitch but read the smal print, it applies to 2006/2007 models and the car caost $50000 basic. All car dealers are desperate to shift cars, huge discounting going on, even toyota has started....
Yeah ok, id admit its not a lot but its the thought that counts. Thats what i was trying to get across, but i take your point about the initial cost.
CH512O said:
Never a fan of the US Administration but the way the people treat the forces is second to none. $500 off new or used car.


Any chance anything over here?? Well if they did Broon would probably tax the deduction the company gives us!!
It did happen after the Falklands

In Robert Lawrence's book Tumbledown, he highlighted how chuffed he was when MG (i think) gave him and another number of wounded veterans a sports car each (either free or at a discount).

It was only later he discovered that the money had come out of his war pension.

Good old blighty.

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