Wonded tonight BBC1

Sorry If this has already been covered, but Wounded the BBC1 documentary is on at 21:00 till 23:00 tonight.

This began to be shot about a year ago, and shows the medical rehab of a couple of guys who were injured.

I am one of the many professionals who had a part in their treatment, and I can tell you that it gives a very true picture of what is done to get these guys literally "back on their feet"

BTW you may find an outbreak of "dusty room syndrome"
Done a couple of times already, but another bump never hurts!
The bravery of these guy's is unbelievable. I'm not affriad to say that I'm sobbing like a big girl right now.

One of the last things these day's that makes you feel proud to be British is the bravery of our lad's and lasses out on op's.

God speed guy's


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