Womens smart casual - what is it?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by usmarox, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. The girlfriend has an OTC selection thing tomorrow, for which she apparently needs smart casual. Unfortunately, I have no idea what female smart casual dress is, and her attitude seems to be "are you sure jeans won't be alright".

    Any help gladly recieved...
  2. No jeans.

    Smart casual from a male perspective is one of 3 things:

    1. Chinos and blue collared shirt.
    2. Chinos and polo shirt (summer only).
    3. Hideous red/orange/purple moleskins and checked shirt. Making you look like a blind farmer on LSD.

    I try to wear any of the above orders of dress as little as possible!
  3. Smart casual = a suit and appropriate accessories.
  4. I always thought wimmins smart/casual was stockings and suspenders.....
  5. Having never been in line for the'best dressed' prize I feel somewhat of a fraud commenting but to my mind 2 scenarios:

    1. Wear Jeans - if nobody else is wearing jeans then you look pretty blo0dy silly.

    2. Wear trousers\skirt and if some people are wearing jeans then no harm done.

    It is a good question though - I hate the dress code 'smart casual' as it means almost anything, I remember hearing that some people believe sports jacket with tie is smart casual (bit extreme), yet some believe jeans are okay.

    Whilst we're on equivalent dress for females - the female equivalent of a suit is a suit - not a roll nexk jumper and flowery skirt. Sorry, a bit off the point but it winds me up.
  6. Black suit trousers, small heeled shoe or boot, V- necked (not too low cut) light wool jumper or long sleeved top or fitted shirt/blouse, a suit is too formal, jeans can be acceptable if they are black or very dark and dont look too worn. Take a little cardigan or light smart jacket incase it is cold.

  7. CHINO's?????? I hate hate hate them! We are not in the early nineties anymore! There are loads of really good trousers to wear that you can get from any mens shop, without having to be in nasty stereotypical officer wear chinos! :x

    Sorry about that but had to get it off my chest.
  8. Hang on, you're a Crab aren't you?

    That'll be really good trousers like Farrahs, then, paired with grey slip-ons?
  9. Either Farrahs are before my time or so hideous I haven't actually heard of them. You clearly love your chinos deeply and have taken great offence that I have insulted said item of clothing, apologies.
  10. Seconded
  11. Correct item of clothing for the correct time, I think! I'm rather fond of my chinos for warm climates as I am of my moleskins when it gets a bit chilly.

    What I deeply hated when recruiting & instructing OCdts was the type of fashion trousers which would appear in a mess with shudder zipped pockets/excessively large buttons/wierd cut. Who on earth designed some of the shoes is beyond me too.

    Anyway, back OT Dolly's advice is good and for any aspiring OCdt just remember that the shop may have "Officers' Club" over the door but please don't shop there...
  12. As long as you look like you have just stepped out of a Boden catalogue, you'll be fine!! :D
  13. Jeans are NOT acceptable for 'smart casual' at all. Smart casual is the minimum for many Messes, and jeans are specifically excluded from that. Most any trousers that aren't overtly casual / jeans-like are fine for a woman - skirt is also fine.
    Dolly - were you abused by a chino-wearer in the past? There are some perfectly fine chinos out there - just better flat-fronted and not pleated. Saying you 'hate hate hate' something is a bit of a hissy fit and also not acceptable in a Mess.
  14. Nothing wrong with Boden, especially for their casual stuff since Hackett went a bit off...

    Edited to add it's not quite the same since the yummy mummies in the catalogue were replaced with models rather than Johnny's chums!