Womens sex drive-Tell us something we dont know!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TheBigUn, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. A woman's sex drive begins to plummet once she is in a secure relationship, according to research. At last the truth comes out..................Click here
  2. Bet, if they investigated, that they'd find the ' nag' factor went up over the same time frame.. inverse proportion..
  3. Surely there's a connection with arse size?
  4. ... men just wanted to bang their women's back doors in !
  5. 'According to research...'

    Like a millenium's worth of first hand experience by blokes the world over.
  6. ... it is because we've got you know and don't have to try so hard.

    Or maybe coming home one doesn't anticipate, or like, being badgered for blow jobs as soon as you've entered the door. Just as random requests for sex when you're doing the washing up/ironing a shirt/eating a pot noodle/picking up their dirty socks and underwear off the bedroom floor/when you wake up, just after you've farted in bed... in fact all the time!!!! does not induce a frenzied, seat wetting uncontrollable urge to pleasure you. Nor does sticking your fingers up somewhere sticky when we're bending over getting something from the fridge. Not exactly a turn on...

    So there. Deal with it.

    Buy more flowers for us.
  7. Pah! Typical woman!!!!!!!
  8. So no chance of a BJ then??????????????????
  9. .......and it is a REALLY bad idea to pester us for sex when we are holding a boiling kettle :D
  10. Pestering a woman for sex is just a mans way of showing he cares. :D
  11. ... and have you bought me flowers? hmm hmmm!!!!!!!! where are they? and do you have to do that with your finger and your nose? Use a tissue like any normal person you cretinous pleb. And no I will NOT teach you how to sort the whites from the darks next time it's your turn to do the washing. It's your frigging shirt - fcuking iron it then. I'm sorry did I hear you ask permission to stick that there? Well did you?

    ... ooops. reflex.

    <... runs away>
  12. Can come and hold my boiling kettle if you like, need two hands tho!
  13. Shrew ( My Bold)

    But thats all foreplay, surely being asked for sex means to you the same as it does to us men, time to empty the bags, no well its no wonder why so many men feel the need to look else where or play with Palmala and her 5 sisters.
  14. All women love sex, sex toys, gnarled c0cks and beatings.

    'Two Stellas please, one for me, one for the missus'.

    Barman : 'Your missus isn't here'.

    'I know she'll get hers when I get home'.

    Stella, putting women into refuges since 1886.
  15. Shrew:
    Any chance its your time of the month dear?