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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by h-bomb, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    can anyone give me some advice on the regulations regarding womens hair styles, how long can you have it before you have to put it in a bun, is a bun the only way you are allowed to tie your hair? I have looked on the internet but have been unable tio find the regulations.
  2. Are you a bloke?
  3. If you are a big fat lezzer (compulsory if you are joining an RLC unit) then you have to have it cut like a bloke.


    Shirt is optional. (Mandatory for AAC).
  4. This is a bit of a minefield area.

    QRs state:

    So, in answer to your question, it can be any length and any (non-exaggerated(?) style, provided it doesn't reach your collar.

    BUT, it has to be neat and non-exaggerated. What constitutes these criteria can be assessed by EVERYONE of superior rank, so what may be considered acceptable by one, may not be considered acceptable by another.

    As a simple rule, stay within the boundaries of the styles already adopted by more experienced members of your unit and seek further advice from a female NCO or officer.

    DON'T (FFS) bring any male personality into the discussion, otherwise the Army will grind to a halt as SNCOs seek psychiatric help. ;)
  5. That is a lie we have our fair share of big fat straight girls as well.
  6. From looking at some of your other posts, it seems you aren't getting much help at all from your unit- is there nobody there you can ask questions like this too? I'm sure you should've been told all of these things by this stage, seeing as how you have your uniform, etc.
  7. As far as Im aware Army to top of collar and RAF to bottom of collar, before it has to be tied up. But you can get a chit to say you are growing it if you are struggling to get it in a bun, or should I say up ;-)
  8. Lofty, Iv been in since september and still havent received all my kit yet, we just had a weekend where we were supposed to have our webbing and bergans sorted but were not issued them till tuesday adn not shown how to assemble them. I will raise this issue with the NCOs this week. There arn't many females at my unit as it is artillery, no-one seems to know about hair regs for females.

    putteesinmyhands, is that collar as in collar bone or collar as in shirt collar?

    Thanks :)
  9. No such thing. Birds can use clips and all manner of things for their hair to be neat and tidy.

    They spend long enough on it when they are getting ready to go out!
  10. mines just past my shoulders but its layered so if i tie it up it will look even more scruffy with the shorter bits hanging out...hmm lots of clips maybe
  11. Ignore Dingerr, unless times have drastically changed and he can prove me wrong. As for collar its shirt collar
  12. Bit fecking rude. Know plenty of lasses that manage it, so why should there be an exception?
  13. Neither. It's one of these:


    When you first join, you are entered as a "Bandsman" (Bdsm) until you finish your recruit training, and are required to wear a "Bandsman's collar" to distinguish you from the trained soldiers.

    You'll see further examples of the Bandsman's Collar (they're different in each regiment) if you google "Bdsm collar."
  14. Yes plenty do, and again there is that option which obviously people arent aware off. Sri if I offended you :) Neat and tidy always as you said plenty of clips, and no doesnt have to be in a bun you can french pleat or plait or whatever it is they call it.
  15. [Hi All,

    It's for this reason that I'm currently involved in writing an introductory document covering issues such as hair styles, etc.

    The problem seems to be that those people just joining don't want to draw attention to themselves by asking what can be perceived to be bone questions of those more senior, and that, as it is impossible to verbally impart all the information at once, vital parts get overlooked.

    Additionally, there is a lot of scope for er..local variations to creep in, due the Chinese Whispers syndrome. :D

    putteesinmyhands, to try and avoid this latter problem, it would be a good idea for me to go back to the source materials. Are QR's available on the internet?

    Best Regards,