womens football

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by trailape, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. Is gunner womens football necessary :?:
  2. Is any womens' football necessary, considering we had to forfeit Top Gear on Sunday to watch the Womens' World Cup gibberish - they weren't even fit looking :twisted:
  3. yeah, but we have to put up with the blokes.... well done girls it's an achievement in it's self..
    are they really worth the money that they are paid??
  4. Money who are paid? The lasses playing the footie or Clarkson, May and Hammond
  5. No-one is worth what the quarterwits like Beckham are paid.

    Don't mind the girlies swapping shirts when they win 8O

    Hope this is a sterotypical view :!: Bring back Top Gear.
  6. Personally being a heterosexual male I would much rather watch woman’s football than men’s!!

    Each to their own though eh?

  7. It would be ok if we could see them all in the bath after the game getting lathered up......
  8. Shirt swapping. Load of s h i t. Vests and sport bras ruined my hopeful wrist.
  9. You personally reinforced heterosexual purely by saying it. Are you in doubt with your own self shirt lifter?
  10. lol No not realy
    Just watching a load of guys kicking a ball around does not intirest me how ever womans foot ball might be worth watching.

    But if it is young fit blokes running around in sports kit that intrests you then thats you business!!

    I beleive it is allowed now so long as you do not effect the morale of the the unit!!
  11. yes they do have smart, fast, big cars on top gear, but come on.... they are like the james bond films,, if
    you've seen one, then you've seen them all !! Women's football is an up and coming sport.. watch out boys !!
  12. And a big well done to the RA womens team who won the end of season tournament at Chicksands.
    Beat the RLC on penalties in the final.. Keep fighting girls.. we'll get the double next season.
  13. Or should that read

    "Keep flicking Girls?" :wink: :wink:
  14. there is always comments about the female of the species
    in the showers after a game, but what really happens in the showers after a blokes game
    of football hey??? can someone enlighten us please?
  15. They get all the women footballers to scrub their backs and get them a brew...