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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SweetFeet, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. I remeber around 91/92 or so, we were going to have some baloons based at Macrahanish (or somewhere) to do something in NI?

    What happened to this wonderful idea?

    I recall it caused a lot of excitement at the time, but, did anything come of it and was the idea binned?

  2. Baloons or AEROSTATS?
  3. Baloons, Areothings, dont know?

    I just know they would be filled with some sort of inert gas thats lighter than air, which would in turn allow it to fly?

    Like a big modern gucci zepplin?

    It was just a thought as I never heard anything other than we were going to trial it out.
  4. It's no secret that MoD purchased a Skyship 600, ZH 762 (ex-G-SKSC), in 1993 (for about £2.6 million); in 1995 it was based with the trials people at Boscombe Down, and suffered a torn envelope; by Nov 1996 it was operational again with the trials types. It was sold in 1998.

    <History of ZH762>

    <Piccy of Skyship 600>

    RUSI released a White Paper on "The Military Utility of Airships", you could always ask them...

    <spotter mode off>
  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Wasn't it sold to Branson or some off shoot of Virgin who used it to carry one of the fancy minedetector bits of kit for use in conflict zones after the wars to clear up mines.

    Sort of floated 20 feet over the ground and used a radar or similar to detect mines.

    Looked like a good idea but haven't heard anything about it since about 2000 ish.

    I saw the beast at boscombe in about 1996, was huge, filled the hanger completly.

  6. Thanks for the info all.

    Was just curious.............................
  7. If I remember correctly, manning and records (before APC) asked for volunteers from around the Corps for the D&T phase (groundcrew/pilots/sigs). We had one volunteer from 9 Regt, and apparently it was a bit of a jolly! One of the 'unofficial/gossip/rumour mill' stories was that it wasn't deployed to the cuds because it would have been a magnet to the stickies to take it down by whatever means. Plus it kept popping.
  8. Ah, i remember the good old days on the AATT (army airship trials team) best bit about it was when it popped on approach to the mast and we spent 4 months sitting on our jackse's drinking tea, smoking tabs, and wishing to get off the trials team cos it sucked
  9. SF

    Stu Glossop could brief you up
  10. The one at Boscombe was being used to trial a new radar for the Tornado ! (allegedly) that was in late 96.