Discussion in 'REME' started by Tomo9700, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. I know this is abit of a shite topic, but ive met a bloody awesome girl a few months back shes great and were really into each other! but im joining up in about january time to be a metalsmith. I was wondering what relationships are like when ure in the army? do they last or go well? and do u always get posted over seas or can u take up postings in the uk? shes worried what it will end up like really! haha! but any advice would be appreciated for me and definatly her cheers!!
  2. If she's worth keeping hold of, she'll wait for you to finish your training. If not, she's not worth fretting about.
  3. She'll be fine = plenty of blokes around to throw one up her clacker whilst you're gone...

  4. haha very usefull....CU-NT brigade!
  5. I'll look out for you
  6. Welcome back Wedge
  7. Ask for Germany and then ditch her. unless you feel that you will be with her forever
  8. How awesome is she?? Let's see the photographic evidence!! Then we can make a proper judgement of your situation.
  9. I am sure that she will support you in your career, then when you have a nice house and money in the bank she will take you for every penny you have.
  10. I was going to reply in a positive manner, but after this dork bit at VMechA's comment I thought about it again, re-read the original post and now can't be bothered. This is probably him :safe: ******** :x
  11. You sound a bit bitter Taff. Been shafted by some old Doris recently. :?
  12. Seems the norm from people I met. Think I need to mix in more positive circles :)
  13. tommo from experience the Pl u will be joining as a metalsmith at phase 2 work a lot of weekends - extra training if u kno wot i mean

    also keep ur weapon handling skills - you'll need them
  14. Bugger, I threw my weapon handling skills away, can I borrow yours?
  15. Tommo I met my wife before I signed on the dotted line. She was 16 and I was 17. Did the 22 years without too many hitches. We have now been married 35 years. If you have the right girl then you can stop worrying.