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Women you fancy that you shouldnt

When I lived in India my first flat in Mumbai the next door neighbors wife used to message me all the time (behind her husbands back i.e typical Muslim wife treatment, mother in law treats her like shit, gets treated like a slave, no qualifications, nothing going for her, basically good for shagging), was a Muslim, fit as ****

Miss Hoolie from Balamory. Ever since my young 'un was...well...young and we had this on Cbeebies.
"Whats the story in Balamory....?" Ican think of a few scenarios you cheeky Scottish bint!!

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She's aged quite well


I'm a bad bad man, but the way her lady bumps were bouncing around the other night was mesmerising


War Hero
Apocryphal story:- When visiting the war zones, she had a thing for VSO's and was known to take her pleasures with whoever was in command, Then doing a piece to camera...allegedly

jeebus. Bloody Ruperts have even less scruples than we rankers do and as for their taste... gentlemen's tomato relish, my arrse, it's Heinz Ketchup, ffs (except three - five days every twenty-eight)!

And, breathe, in, two three....
Somebody called Hollie Arnold, apparently she is a British parasport athlete. I'd never heard of her until I looked the photo up on Google.
What's her superpower other than giving older men boners?


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apocrypha (plural noun)

  1. biblical or related writings not forming part of the accepted canon of Scripture.
    • writings or reports not considered genuine.

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