Women you fancy that you shouldnt

Very articulate and well reasoned. From when is that?
Googled: "Alice Weidel(AfD) blasts German Parliament", to find confirmation from earlier this year "Published on May 16, 2018".

The first comment:

"It's beautiful to watch compulsive liars and sociopathic lefties get their entire narrative thrown back in their faces with an extra verbal egg to the face by someone who doesn't care about being called 'racist.'
The left likes to think that they can control everything, and that everybody has a price. It's entertaining to watch them encounter somebody who's too honest to be bought, and too pissed off to comply . . . ".
Stevie Nicks - Fleetwood Mac . . . circa 1976.

Why I/we/you “shouldn’t” . . . because that is 42 years ago.

The intervening years have NOT been kind to her :( .

Caught some of the “Yesterday” TV channel last night, showing “Fleetwood Mac - Don’t Stop” documentary, and most of it again this morning.

When is Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop on TV next? - TV Guide UK TV Listings
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Nicola Walker. Actually, that's not a bad photo of her, she normally looks more frumpy and bedraggled.

I don't usually go for tired-looking, middle aged women, preferring the look of silly young trollops. However, I think the attraction with Nicola is that she always seems to be playing women on the verge of cracking up. You know, at that point where they are sexually charged but very vulnerable and very easily exploited.

It's a fine judgement, though. Just beyond that point is the zone where they totally flip and they start to growl like animals and fling their own shit around the room and when it will it take four burly coppers to get them into the back of the ambulance.
How about the Poison Dwarf (Charlene Tilton @ Lucy Ewing) from Dallas......many many years ago


and later........

But I still would:p
I used to watch Blue Peter when Our Konnie was one of the presenter..... at times she did no wear a bra and let her fun bags wibble and wobble.....

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