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Women you fancy that you shouldnt


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Dawn French! Looks like a she'd be a lot of fun!
Fang_Farrier said:
Dawn French! Looks like a she'd be a lot of fun!

Tons of fun, in fact.

In my student days, the lads and I reached some sort of sordid consensus Re: Susan Kennedy from Neighbours. We never could agree on the batting order though.
RTFQ said:
The entire female cast of the latest Harry Potter movie.

Do you see yourself as Harry's short ginger mate? :lol:


Storeman Norman said:
Gunny Highway's Mum. She's about 104 but goes like the proverbial belt fed. She is a duuuuuuuurty beetch.

She's doing well considering she died not that long ago! :D
Caroline Quentin from MBB! Funnily enough some years ago I told a rugby mate of mine that I had this thing for "Dorothy". Thought no more of the conversation until one day he slopes up to me with a folded piece of paper and made a "don't read it now, read it later gesture" and sidled off. I looked at it - her temporary address in Bath! From mildly interested fan to candidate stalker in a heartbeat!


I had a thing a few years ago for Cherie Lunghi. She was in that series The Manageress some top power dressing! - she is a couple of years past her best now though! Is it getting off the thread if I suggest people you should find attractive but don't. Top of my list is Angelina Jolie.
Julia Sawalah in Absolutely Fabulous. MMmmmmm, chunky sweaters :D
stoatman said:
Julia Sawalah in Absolutely Fabulous. MMmmmmm, chunky sweaters :D

The title of the thread is women you fancy that you shouldnt.....Everyone should fancy Julia....its in the rules!!

I find myself worryingly daydreaming over SHE is definately someone you shouldnt be attracted to!!!


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Imagine the headlines......... Top level tosser beats himself to death..........GMTV's Penny Smith denies all knowledge......
Top Level!
We saw your CR remember and you told me yourself CR=Ceiling Reached!
the_guru said:
I don't know if this has been done before, but I feel strangely attracted to Paula Radcliffe. Obviously not when she's running

Free golden showers ...?

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