Women you fancy that you shouldnt

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by the_guru, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. I don't know if this has been done before, but I feel strangely attracted to Paula Radcliffe. Obviously not when she's running because her style looks like she's having an aneurism. But her smile is nice. Strange and not quite right. Does anyone else have a thing for women who you wouldn't normally consider as "attractive" ?
  2. Gunny Highway's Mum. She's about 104 but goes like the proverbial belt fed. She is a duuuuuuuurty beetch.
  3. Hmm, have a strange fondness for (listening to more than anything else) Jayne Middlemass! I'll now go anf beat myself with a piece of 2*4
  4. That ginger bird from Gimme Gimme Gimme.....
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  5. Now that is just wrong!
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  6. I like 'em rough :oops:
  7. Miss Hoolie from Balamory:

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  8. Does having a weird lesbian crush on Dame Ellen MacArthur count? The Tankie says he can see it too, but maybe we're both just wrong.
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  9. I know the title of this thread, says women, but I have a history of fancying odd people. You have to forgive any typos as I'm trying to type with a broken finger and it hurts a bit. Anyhow. My self esteem truely caught the last train out of Loserville* a couple of 'encounters' ago. I woke up next to a guy shorter than myself, who's bedroom battle cry mentioned something about broadswords (OMG!) and had a collection of 21 sided dice. Also for some inexplicable reason he decided to halfway through proceedings to trash my room. He was also strawberry blond. HORROR!

    FTR - Kenneth Brannagh... I know it's wrong and dirty and I do feel ashamed

    *Population me!
  10. Moira Stuart.

    It's her voice. It sounds like her larynx is coated in angel grease.
  11. I'm sure i shouldn't admit this....

    kim woodburn

    i'm thinking you wouldn't get off lightly!!


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  12. Does Penny Smith of GMTV count?

    I let Mrs IAC watch GMTV pretending Im not interested just in case its time for Penny to read the news.

    Do I need help?
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  13. :D :D Amanda Burton from Silent Witness. She has the voice and the poise.

    That does it for me.....God it hits the spot :lol: :lol:

    .....I'm having a hormonal moment....... 8O
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  14. Kathy Bates. She could tie me to a bed and...

    I would quickly drop that idea of harbouring a liking for ol' Penny, they dont show GMTV in Afghanistan!
    You could take a fablon'd TV guide with you to keep up those disgusting ideas tho'
    Or is it Iraq this week?