women you don`t fancy but should

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by mortars2cg, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. To counterbalance the` women you shouldn't fancy but do ` post I put forward
    Davina McCall.
    Just don`t get it.
  2. Maybe in her heyday,but not so much as a trouser twitch for her now. I've never found Angelina Joli that attractive. Always thought she looked like a trout.
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  3. Eva Mendes. She has nothing going on for me.

  4. Amanda Holden!!! I should, but I couldn't put mine where Les Dennis' has been :)
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  5. Michaela Strachen - not going anywhere a monkey has been!
  6. Zara Phillips.

    Can't imagine just how much trouble I'd be in if I even ... ahem.
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  7. Nicole Kidman, nope, does nothing for me.
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  8. Alesha Dixon, cant fcking stand that b!tch, she gets right up my nose, cow.
  9. Just about any bird who bares themselves in FHM/LOADED type mags they all seem strangley sexless and blank. Can't explain why.
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  10. Jennifer Ellison - i would but she would have to promise not to speak but i doubt she could
  11. Katie Price.I know I should (curves in all the right places etc),but I couldn't raise a smile.I am getting on a bit, though... :oops:
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  12. I think Jordan is going to be quite a common name throughout the duration of this thread. I wouldn't even want to go near it, the hole must be wider than the Watford gap by now.
  13. Here's another sterling suggestion for this thread.

    Kate Moss.

    Skinny as fcuk, zero tittage, druggie, face like a slapped horse...yet somehow a supermodel? 8O
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  14. Jennifer Aniston, sorry buggie faced trout does fcuk all for me.

    And Darkninja you are a cnut, Michaela Strachen is still sex on legs.
  15. Denise Van Outen

    I should, I know I should, but nada