Women Will Turn Gay If They Drive

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Saudi Clerics Women Will Turn Gay If They Drive | Advocate.com

    This is a bit of an old story, just reading a few posts from the other side at Iranian Defence Forum , there was a funny video of Iran nuking Israel.

    Religious leaders in Saudi Arabia hope to make an example of a woman recently caught driving — illegal in the Muslim nation — and she could receive 10 lashes, all because some believe women taking the wheel will become promiscuous or gay.

    Lacking any other form of transportation, Shaima Jastaniya drove to the hospital earlier this year before being arrested by Saudi police. While she was initially sentenced to a brutal whipping, the Saudi king pardoned her after a global outcry. But a local court recently informed Jastaniya that her sentencing will stand. While Jastaniya appeals that verdict, many fear ultraconservative clerics within the Saudi government want to make her an example.

    Some Saudi men believe that allowing women to drive will lead to prostitution, pornography, divorce, and homosexuality. The highest Saudi religious council and conservative professors at King Fahd University have stated that granting women the right to drive will mean there will be no more female virgins in the country. Saudi Arabia is the only country that doesn't allow female drivers.

    ...goes to wonder if thats the reason mucho of their men are raving homo's too ?
  2. Well in London, 18 year old males turn into utter cunts behind the wheel so there could be something in this.
  3. Most of the gayers in Lahndun drive Mini's though Blackrat, making them obvious to the rest of us.
  4. This lady is something else. She has virtually single-handedly taken on the Salafist cavemen who run that sewer of a country.

    She has balls of steel. That is probably why the Saudi establishment think that she is in danger of becoming a lesbian... or a Dalek... or something
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  5. The Mini's gone. It's a Fiesta now.

    I need to give my head a shake.
  6. Women, for pity's sake. Don't drive.

    Medieval would be an improvement.
  7. To be fair though...I do get a bit butch(er) when I get behind the wheel! Throbbing grease and all that

    ....well, in so far as a Peugot estate can throb!
  8. Actually, I think that I've mixed this lady up with Manal al-Sharif (who, ironically, was involved in a fatal RTC earlier in the year).