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The news article for the Teaching Assistant who made all the fuss over wearing the veil ..... it's a long story. This is further down the page

Veiled in Mystery
I have just found this delightful picture of the Quirinelle actress Romy Schneider - some pettes might remember her from the film Mädchen in Uniform. I was quite taken a back by this and felt that I simply had to share it. There is something about a veil that is so mysterious, I never quite manage to pull it off myself.


Miss Nicola

But you know, a veil is much more mysterious if you don't pull it off!

I have seen a delightful picture of Fraulein Hertha Thiele as Manuela in Mädchen in Uniform but sadly I have not yet seen the film. It was made in Vintesse I believe, and I am not sure if it has been released in my native Quirinelle - or was this a different version from Quirinelle itself?

Have any of our own Maidens in Uniform seen it?

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