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Women whom you dont fancy and shouldnt - but have money

In the vein of similar threads, and trying to get my first thread into the ARRSE hole, I nominate Paris Hilton as the first "woman whom I don't fancy and shouldn't - but (who) has money".

Also, I nominate this girl:

Liz the second .... freeloading old c unt.

i'd pack her on a day trip with the family in a coach driven by Mr. Magoo on a twisty Alpine pass.


Book Reviewer
The fat Osbourne daughter............moose!

Has anyone seen the daughter who wouldn't take part in the programme? Oooo eeerrrrr, Missus!
Sharon Osbourne (Again) Mouth, Arse, Mouth and if I had any left all in her hair...just to annoy her like she does to me every Saturday night on the telly!!
Jackie Stallone - aka, Rambos mum.

"Dynamic entry? I'll show you a dynamic entry John, I'll kick her back doors clean off their hinges, and burst her farmers!"

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