Women whom you dont fancy and shouldnt - but have money

In the vein of similar threads, and trying to get my first thread into the ARRSE hole, I nominate Paris Hilton as the first "woman whom I don't fancy and shouldn't - but (who) has money".

Also, I nominate this girl:

Barbara Cartland
devilish said:
Barbara Cartland
Definitely pushing the boundaries as she's been dead for at least 5 years IIRC.
Liz the second .... freeloading old c unt.

i'd pack her on a day trip with the family in a coach driven by Mr. Magoo on a twisty Alpine pass.
Princesses Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco, but then they were quite fit in their day, FFM Milf action perhaps ???
Coleen McLoughlin - Miss Chavette 2005
Sharon Osbourne (Again) Mouth, Arse, Mouth and if I had any left all in her hair...just to annoy her like she does to me every Saturday night on the telly!!
Jackie Stallone - aka, Rambos mum.

"Dynamic entry? I'll show you a dynamic entry John, I'll kick her back doors clean off their hinges, and burst her farmers!"
Clarissa Dickson Wright. I bet she'd do a good brekky

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