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Women who imagine that you fancy them, but you just don't.

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More money than a bull can shit though.


After crashing into a vat of chemical waste, Emil was still determined to do his M to F transitioning.

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There seems to be an increasing number of A-Z list'ers out there who seem to think that some botox here and some silicone there will make them a cross between Aphrodite and Venus.
It's sad to see just how many pretty, even beautiful women have turned themselves into gopping freaks thanks to their visits to the plastic surgeons table.

Exhibit A: Cloe Khan

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Just what the fvck does she think she looks like? She's a skinny,trout lipped, clown titted mess.
Yes I know that she would not let me anywhere near her but I wouldn't want to anyway.

Any other plastic freaks you can think of? Or even women who are naturally honking but somehow have managed to fool the worlds media that they are somehow worthy of fawning over?
Fucking hell what’s the psi on them?


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Actually it's a Bajoran disguised as a Cardassian. Season 3, Episode 5 'Second Skin'.

that's the deeply lovely nana visitor. who has no place on here.



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Who should be on this thread.

Or a new one - 'Women who are desperate for you to fancy them, but you just can't bring yourself to'.
Hmm, Vanessa Feltz?