Women to join the Chelsea Pensioners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 11, 2005.

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  1. All for it, as long as they fulfil the customary requirements for the honour. I thought the comment by the silly d*ckhead (Roy Ratazzi, the Royal Hospital appeal director) that "We are just trying to modernise ourselves", no doubt in a weaselly-whining-Ken-Livingstone voice, spoiled the announcement, which should have been by someone with a little more spunk.
  2. Is nothing sacred?
  3. I should think most of the old boys will be happy to get a bit of skirt in the barracks!
  4. Ithink quite a few of them do :D
  5. Spoke to a member of the Pensioners who informed me ifyou were married youcould still get in if your missis needed 24hr care in a home. Hope this hasn't changed only need to live with Mrs MSI for another 25 years and then Im on the beer with the lads all day lol
  6. I hope, for their sakes, that the Split Arrse In-Pensioners can handle their drink.

    If you ever get the chance, dig out some of the old boys from your mob and go to lunch with 'em. Make sure you've a taxi to take you home! I went a few years ago - funniest afternoon of my life (from what I can remember), my liver and kidneys were given a pasting by two 60 somethings, 2 octogenerian and a 90 something ex-RSM. RESPECT.
  7. I was talking to one of the residents of the RHC at a reunion in Hull some weeks ago and he informed me then that this is happening in 2007.Alterations are taking place now.
  8. Presumably this means getting the Battalion Domestic Pioneers in to make the little wooden cot bunks wider so that they can get their fat arrses in!
  9. Excuse my ignorance but why were the old boys wearing black instead of the usual red?
  10. I think this is the most disturbing post I have seen on Arrse since I joined.
    Womans have their place in life and should stay there.
    Men need to have some privacy from their interfereing in male life, we do, end of story.
    My old lad was a quite guy but one of the few times I ever saw him up in arms was when his local Soldiers and Sailors Club (Yes I know) decided to allow womens in on an open basis.
    Men need somewhere where they can get away from La Femme influence.
    Equality for women is one of the biggest cons ever played.
    Women do not want equality, 50% and then their share of your half is their goal in life.
    PS I am not anti women I have shagged enough so I must luv um and been married once, a mistake I will never make again.
  11. somebody sounds bitter
  12. Nay Luv
  13. have chelsea pensioners staying regularly in my mess and they cant wait for the laydees to move in and i quote"save us going to the local grab a granny night at the tea dance down the road". Let the guys have their fun they have earnt it!
  14. Oh my Buddha.
    Thank you for your most sugestive properganda, Frau Gobbles.
    Hesus wept women have been promising a little sumfing since the Garden of Eden.
    Ah give um an inch and they'll demand six more in very short order.
    Not you of course but sum of your sisters do you know what its like for us old guys Ell sheer hell, these young spinners, Agh Eart attack cumming on.
  15. How long before the first claim is made against the RHC I wonder?

    I have no problems with the concept of women being allowed in - so long as they have to meet exactly the same criteria as the men. However, I am sure that somehow, in some way the rules will be adjusted in their favour.