Women to join Chelsea pensioners

Could hardly keep them out. After the first female Beefeater was appointed in Jan, this was sure to follow.


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Watch out for the first 'Shock, Horror Scandal' story from NOTW or the Scum :hmm:
Sven said:
And, of course, there is no reason why they shouldn't.

It will give the guys a lift - ooer
Agreed - on both counts!
It's going to cost a fortune. You won't be able to move for scatter cushions, the curtains will all have to be changed and some WON'T wear red as it doesn't match their eyes.

Even if they are bloodshot.
And the morality.


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Ok the oxymorons of the old boys will go through the roof as well.

I suppose they'll all be standing stiffly to attention. Those that still can.
Well I can't wait.

On my next visit I'll be on the prowl for a bit of Granny fanny and no mistake.


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Where do I sign up?

Anyone got a link to the application form? :bigsmurf:
with the added bonus that all the old birds can take their teeth out whilst noshing the old soldiers!!

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