Women to be trained at Pirbright

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by commsbloke, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. I read yesterday in the Telegraph that from April next year all female recruits are to be trained seperately at Pirbright. Whilst I have no problems with female soldiers at all as long as thay are capable of doing thier job, will this not encourage 2 different standards of soldier? The reasoning behind the split is that 'Women soldiers suffer more injuries' Although the powers that be will try thier utmost to maintain a standard between the 2 seperate areas of training I know that some soldiers, both male and female will believe that some how it is biast 1 way or the other.
    Why cant we just improve the training facilities that we have at present and change the way we train female soldiers so that they dont suffer so many injuries? How are these soldiers injuring themselves?

    (Those of you on the intra-net can see the article on daily news cuttings)
  2. It used to happen in the old days, sounds like they are reverting back to that system then!
  3. Lezzers heaven, like Donnington and pish poor PT standards..... I reckon
  4. Its going full circle, they got rid of WRAC before as it didnt work, why try and bring it back?
  5. It's all to do with 'gender-free' and 'gender-fair' testing and the differences between the two. It's also about getting rid of pointlessly mysogynist views, accepting women for their abilities and looking to the future.

    I don't believe we're re-inventing the WRAC - I know what you mean, but if we make this decision now, we won't break as many females as we do in training at the moment. There has also been a move away from wholescale employment of females in the more physical jobs (gun number on AS90) as hardly any females want to do them anymore...
  6. Get them back to where they belong:

    Clerks ,Mess stewards, Drivers, Chefs, Bat women( not the leather clad type) etc etc
  7. kitchen, bedroom, dungeon
  8. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Not sure how different this is from what is already happening- when I was a TC at Pirbright a couple of years back, the girls were all in separate troops from the chaps...

    Admittedly not so good at the PT side of things but far quicker to catch on during the more theoretical lessons.
  9. well bunging them all in the same atr means more regular intakes i think every 6 weeks at pirbright reduces cost in employing some recruit whilst waiting to get backsquadded.
  10. Beacuse it worked.....for them and us. We had no over expectations of them and neither did they. Since intigrating them into the 'Mans Army', we have whinged like f*ck about them from just about every angle.

    They were better off without us and us without them. They can't do a mans job so why do we whine when they fail? No doubt those of you who are in touch with your feminine side will now let me know how many birds in your unit are better at their jobs than the blokes. Heard it before. All that means is that your unit is full of w*nkers.........or too many birds.

    I'm sure that many of them would feel much the same, without having us breathing down their necks and ranting about standards. I'm equally sure that a good few of them will welcome back the re-introduction of 29 Coy WRAC or 29 Sqn RLC, as it would be known today :wink: .

    Please Mr Blair, bring back the WRAC.............and if at all possible can you get us a grid on that bus load of QA's from Rinteln!
  11. i think its a bad idea if women train with men at least they have to try and meet the same standards!

    i did junior entry in pirbright in 2001 our platoon was made up of 2 male sections and 2 female sections and it worked quite well!

    obviously we had some typically winging birds but most of us pushed ourselfs harder to try and beat the lads.

    if you have girls all together, when they get to phase 2 or their units being expected to do the same as the blokes its is harder to adapt!

    make phase one mixed platoons!

    and who knows maybe we will even win biscuits respect :)
  12. edited coz i did it twice ooops :p
  13. Dizzy Blonde we both know that girls are ok doing girls things, like crying over soppy films, knitting and sleep-overs, but smashing each other in the face with the butt of a rifle, hacking at some ones throat with a blunt bayonet, stamping on faces until covered in claret is not the fairer sexes way, I know i've seen the fights you girls have with too many babyshams in you, all hair pulling, limp wristed slapping and clothes arranging, its pretty and mildy exiciting to watch but its not exactly gruesome. I'm all for equality in the world but thats exactly what it means, you are equal to me, you do what i do, if you can't, find something else to do. Now here you go treacle, heres £10, now buy youself something pretty
  14. Chuzu.......is that you in that avatar? It looks very much like a bloke.
  15. 307

    307 War Hero

    I haven't met a female soldier good at her job yet, I'm sorry to say, they're all too timid and tame and a ssuch command no respect from people, they don't have whjat it takes to grip people and screw their heads on for them. Plus I've been unlucky enough to serve on a gun crew with a bird, I reckon the shells could have moved themselves quicker.