Women that look like blokes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Nicolette Sheridan = David Coulthard

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  2. Fcuk knows who it looks like but this is one ugly Munter! Gotta be a candidate for a BOB

  3. It's been seen before, but I thought that we should add lesbians as a general group ;

  4. Ruth Kelly, she has the looks and voice of a man


    I’d be willing to bet 20 shiny pence that she stuffs her bra and tapes her penis back :lol:
  5. Good, but what I was aiming for are women that look like a particular bloke!
  6. I can't remember the comdian but he said that Ruth Kelly looks and sounds like a 14 year old boy when he's trying to blag a beer in a pub :lol:
  7. annie lennox could pass as a geezer any time
  8. Annie Lennox = bad guy from Matrix

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  9. Now thats what I'm looking for! Quality
  10. Dozybint looks like a bloke! is that any good?
  11. Spot on!!! 8O
  12. Spot on!!! 8O
  13. rhona cameron
  14. Looks like Declan Donnely
  15. Ha, so true - so very true.