Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Outstanding, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. what about female recruits - will it ever happen?
  2. For Corps other than the Infantry it should be possible - why not?

    Culturally I think it very unlikely although I don't know if the RNA recruit women so I may be wrong there.

    If HQ Brigade of Gurkhas have anything to do with it - not in this millenium.
  3. I was a patient in BMH Catterick in the late 1960s, there was a QARANC student nurse from Nepal, name was Rai.
  4. Thier is going to be a female joing 250 gurkah signals in the coming weeks
  5. I new a Cpl D**** Rai QARANC, mid 80s in BMH Hong Kong although I doubt the Catterick Rai & this one are the same.
  6. Yes 250 may well have a woman joining their ranks in the coming weeks, but this thread is about females being actively recruited into the Brigade of Gurkhas from Nepal not about UKTAP joining a Sqn. I also know that their is a daughter of a Gurkha soldier currently undergoing basic training as a British Overseas Passport holder. But this is not recruiting females into the Gurkhas. I agree with Xenophone on this but for different reasons. For non infantry units this should not be an issue. However as a wealth of potential recruits exist already there really isn't a reason why women need to be actively recruited. If they outperformed the men on recruit selection they should be given the chance but the standard should not be lowered.
  7. I don't know but it may be a cultural thing, so that if women were recruited into the Gurkha engineers etc., then there may be lack of respect or discrimination from the male soldiers.
    However I don't know much about the Nepalese culture so this could be way off
  8. Good point John Gurkha, I would be suprised if they managed the Dohka run any faster!
  9. since the gurkahs are trained infatiars first and foremost, would the armys policy of females in the infantry have to change first to allow this to even be considered?
  10. Aren't all soldiers first trained in Infantry skills, I thought that was what CMS was all about?
  11. The earliest woman in 250 I can think of was in 1994-5, so it is not new at all to have women serving alongside Gurkhas in Gurkha units. I think the most I can think of at any one time is three. I am sure there were a few in Hong Kong in the early '90s too.

    The QOGLR has had a female Troop OC also in around 2002.

    There are Nepali women (read Gurkha daughters) and Nepali men (read Gurkha sons) in the British Army serving as British soldiers as in not Gurkha units or under Gurkha Terms of Service.

    CMS and the Gurkha basic training are different. All Gurkhas are trained as Infantry men first (ie they could all be sent to an Infantry Battalion), then the Corps' Gurkhas are sent to complete their special to arm training.
  12. I had four females serve with me during my time with 250 1997-2000
  13. All females in the Bde of Gurkhas have been of the British Officer variety and to my knowledge only with the Corps units (QGE, QGS and QOGLR). The Bde of Gurkhas does at present recruit female Nepalis as there is no requirement to do so. With GURTAM liability capped at around the 3300 mark, the Bde selects the best recruits agasist a selection process far more demanding (physicaly and mentally) that that attended by UK/Commonwealth recruits. Females in general are disadvantaged physically by gender. British Officers serivng with the Bde of Gurkhas do not undertake the same selection as Gurkhas. If they did, there would be very few British Officer, male or female.
  14. Why would they put weemin in with the Gurkhas? Somebody is aff their heids.
  15. Regimental pride is a wonderful thing though tends to skew objectivity and cloud reality. This thread originally asked the question "What about female recruits (in the Gurkhas) - will it ever happen? Seems the short answer is no though certain respondants have reduced the whole thing to a racial superiority issue.

    Dherai Gurkha aimai sipahi chhainan.