Women prove they are fit to make history with Gurkhas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 16, 2007.

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  2. Everyone has heard of the Gurkha's fearsome reputation. Throw PMT into the mix and it doesn't bare thinking about for the enemy!
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Regardless of which capbadge they'll end up as, all Gurkhas are all trained as infantrymen at Catterick before being assigned to Battalions or Corps. Will these ladies have to go through infantry training too?

    More immediately, I remember during the Hill Selection phase, all the lads were stripped to the waist and had serial numbers painted in indelible ink on their bare chests, to prevent identity fraud. Somehow I don't see this continuing unamended!
  4. Given that the Gurkhas are and always have been oversubscribed, (we could comfortably raise another 3 battalions if need be) can anybody explain why there is a need to recruit women? I mean let's face it (and I mean no disrespect to the girlies here!) the only reason there are so many women in the rest of the Army/Forces in general, is because of the recruiting crisis, other wise we wouldn't bother would we?

    What exactly are female Gurkhas going to contribute? What is the pressing requirment they will fulfill? There is none IMHO, this is more PC crap foisted upon the Army by virtue, I suspect, of the Human Rights Act or some other pointless, unwanted and unnecessary piece of Euro-law! :x
  5. Gurkha nurses, attached to Field Hospitals perhaps ... it is already being discussed elsewhere that injured troops recover better when in an environment and amongst people who understand their mores.
  6. oh you are so going to get it

    there are legions of little Nepalese Women hunting you dowin as we

    speak :D
  7. I can remember Gurkha qualified nurses in QARANC......commissioned and other rank.....days of military hospitals.....
  8. perhaps tis time for this to happen - again!
  9. yes bring back military hospitals....

  10. The article did say, if you read it, that they will fill other none front line jobs like their male counterparts in the RLC, Sigs etc where they need not go on to ITC in Catterick, just do their bit of basic (seeing theyre all fit as hell the phys shouldnt be an issue) then move on to Blandford or wherever.

    Yes it may be the Government being very PC, or on the other hand it might be them playing clever with money , knowing they can palm them off early if they don't acheive certain ranks etc in a time frame, while filling a recruitment shortage, lets face it , how many Gurkhas do you know that just sign off 'cos its sh1t'???

    I wonder how their male gurkha counterparts will take to it tho, should be interesting to get some Nepali feedback...

  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yes I did read that, but that's not the point I'm making. Currently a Gurkha in the QGS, GGE or QOGLR will have undergone infantry training at 2ITB, ITC Catterick before being assigned to his Corps and appropriately trade trained.

    With female recruits, will this continue or a new recruit trg package have to be put together? Its not as simple as:
    There are other elements of the Gurkha Recruit Training that are specific to the Bde of Gurkhas and are currently taught as part of the whole package i.e. Gurkha Language Wing teaching recruits English as well post-recruit trg for QGE & QOGLR wallahs to raise them to English Standard Level 2 & 3.

    Moreover if they didn't actually do "Gurkha Training" they wouldn't technically be Gurkhas, but Nepalis in British uniform (of whom I've met several).
  12. Its all PC Bowlacks gone mental and could easily undermine the whole raoison d'etre of the Brigade.
  13. Thanks RP,

    I didn't realise they did their language training at ITC too, this might actually be taken on at Phase 2 schools like Blandford tho, given the number of QGS etc.

    Im sure they will cut corners on a few things tho, as with everything, if they really want them in, and true enough on them not being gurkhas, but, the press will still call them that I'm sure and make a real fuss of the first few intakes, you can guarantee it .
  14. Is this because we cant recruit any decent UK females?
  15. Mmmmm....raisins....