Women only, please

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GOYA, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. Are there any females on this site????...I would like to chat to a female without the banter associated with the majority of the males on this site...is that too much to ask?? Please contact me so we can chat further??

  2. You've joined Arrse just to try and hook up with some women? Have you tried the call cards found in telephone kiosks?
  3. try pentwyn shes quite pleasent
  4. Are you a masochist Goya? :lol:
    A question like that is almost guaranteed to result in several gallons of urine being extracted! Actually, may I suggest you look up a rather interesting lady who goes by the name of Pentywn on here?
  5. How do I go abount finding pentywn??
  6. Charming, are you a vet Goya?
  7. No sorry...you got animal troubles have you??
  8. Wah sensed but none the less

    Send her a PM make sure you talk very nicely to her and avoid any reference to the rumours that she is a limbless one eyed mongloid ice cream lover who would best further the future of mankind by lying in the path of a high speed train.
  9. Yes, my dog has no nose........
  10. Use your 'search' tool! :roll: Or just go straight to your PM box and send her a message.
  11. Well you could send her a PM or maybe start a thread in the NAAFI titled something like “Hello Pentwyn, would you like to talk to a gentlemen soldier?”
    She’s bound to respond, she loves speaking with soldiers past, present, and imaginary.
  12. How does your dog smell???
  13. With a name like Goya, it shoudnt be difficult to convince Pentwyn that you're her favourite prey, Gurkha Occifers. She'll be all over you like a cheap suit.
    You might also like to contact Sarah-Jane, shes in the gallery, and seems very keen to hook up with hunky soldiers.
  14. Surprisingly fragrant! :D