Women on top in bed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by army_of_1, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Is this wrong? I'm struggling to decide whether or not it is right. Is it alright if you're really, really tired and feeling lazy? Do I need a testosterone injection? Your thoughts please, ladies and gentlemen.
  2. The lady-on-top (or "Cowgirl") is the boffing position of Kings in my opinion. Get her to spin around and perform the "Reverse Cowgirl" in the unlikely eventuality of you getting bored.

  3. its good if your pissed up you cna fall asleep and get away with it, if not spin her round and give her one up the wrong un
  4. Why not they spend all day at home on thier backs watching Jerry Springer, then you come home and they want to lie down while you have to do pushups, bit unfair if you ask me.
  5. Women generally quite like it since we get a chance to control the pace and such!
    Nothing wrong with ladies on top!
  6. What the heck's your problem? Why the struggle? Everything's right as long as it's fun (for both - or three - or... you get my drift.)

    Top, bottom, side, back. Who cares? 8O
  7. What's the problem?, bird on top is an awesome position! [I'm told that] the chick gets better sensations because of the angle, and they get to do all of the work - so what's the issue? Are you normally just a "missionary position and no other" kinda guy?

  8. Women on top , is tops

    Not only do you get to see them thrash there hair around, but you and watch there jubblies bounce about

    Even better yet, you can uses a finger or thumb to stimulate them that bit more, and scream themselves stupid
  9. i'm all for it .... but caution must be taken not to let the young lady get over excited, and pull out as far as your bobby's only to plonk her full weight down and bend your hampton in half ..... ooooyah !!
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Good lass !
  11. JUst make sure she doesnt decide to slide up ya chest after you have deposited ya man fat up there!
  12. Or let out a ripper of a fart, causing your boll.ocks to flap about like ping pong balls in a tumble dryer
  13. Women on top is class! A great feeeling of depth, especially if your young lady is "larger than the average" they use it to their advantage - lol!

  14. Sabre has a damn good point. The other problem is when your Mrs has no stamina and half way through, she complains "I'm getting tired".
  15. Ao1 Variety is the spice of life my son and often the Girl on Top feels a little more in charge and can achieve a reasonable depth. Although i venture to suggest that falling asleep whilst you're supposed to be concentrating on other things is no going to win you brownie points.

    If purchance you feel a little left out whilst your ladyfriend is busy doing the Lone Ranger impersonations then you could always read a book, do a crossword, watch the telly or even set the alarm clock. At least then you'd be single fairly quick and can have the whole bed to yourself and sleep as long as you want. :lol: :wink: :wink: