Women on the frontline - Telegraph 11th October 2008

7 posts in and you ask about this, "again" what rag do you work or?

Some reme bint sun bathing is not a girlie on the front line, and the question of the weaker sex doing the inf job has been done to death.

Either, get a real job, or read through the forums.
Apparently written by a photographer..................

I like a good dhobi, a face pack and a bronzy now and again. No drama with that

Journo prof?
Capt Liz Barnaby, 26, is a doctor and serving with 52 Brigade in Afghanistan.
Clearly an up to date and accurate article then. 52 Bde left Afghanistan in Mar/Apr.

'The other night I went out with the US engineers as their liaison officer,' Capt Melanie Fletcher, 27, says, readjusting a blonde bun at the nape of her neck.
What relevance has the colour of her hair to the job she is doing. It smacks of a certain dumbing down of the article to me; as well as being unfair on the excellent job she was obviosly doing as a BattleGroup Engineer in Iraq.
The_Professor said:
Anybody out there think this is a well written, well researched, piece of objective journalism or does it actually make the soldiers featured, and indeed all of us, look bad.

Hope I have inserted link correctly.

I await the volleys....

The Prof

If it was that well researched then they would have called them by their correct ranks!

There are no Ptes in the REME or the Sappers.

Bloody journos!
Getting anything right is not a media priority. Creating a fictional underdog-overdog situation and casting the army as the inflexible, misogynist organisation to suit their political views is what matters.

The Telegraph is going downhill at a rate of knots...

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