Women on a tank crew

From all the tests and research it has now been decided that women will not be on a tank crew. But what if they were?

Amusing comments on:

What would they be good at?
What would they not be able to do?
At least you can call yourselves Cavalry then, as you would be employing horses.

Until then drop the Cavalry Shoite, you are TANKIES.

Oh and by the way, get rid of those stupid black coveralls, you look like fat ninja recruits on sick parade.
Ha ha ......... top comment about the black coveralls.

But sorry........... RTR are tankies and they only wear black. Green wearers are Cavalry and we WILL NOT CHANGE! ;D
Will never happen as MOD can't afford to re-decorate the inside of the turrets on them big lorries with pointy things sticking out the front!
The better endowed of our female comrades may find a little trouble getting in the hatch of some of our AFV's, but having said that they'll get furter in the tank than some of the more rotund members of the RAC have been able to up till now  ;D


War Hero
Gobby, lots of horse around too fella, thats why we're Cav and you obviously ain't. probably a grunt as one needs to stay in school untill at least 14 to get in the dashing regiments!
Flyingrockdj, I feel you should restrict your postings to the Civvy thread as your info is as relevant as could be found in the Army Wifes Journal, AFF. Are you a member?
Greetings my Lord,  your comments to the rockdj thing saved me a job.  

Oh and by the way I never left school really as I have been educating squaddies for 15 years now.  With the use of a baton and cuffs.

EXEMPLO DUCEMUS(By example we lead)


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Oh dear flash. matey I'm a stab! why don't you go back to aviation and tell the other squawks how much you all earn............ Meiowwwwwwwwww
;D females in the turret well, well what will they think of next ? ???
us grunts are all for it give us something to follow to the FEBA now we wouldnt get our bearings wrong would we
just follow the smell of the fish  :p (lol)
Can you imagine the smell, being closed down for a couple of hours, let alone a couple of days, with a bird thats on! NO THANKS. let the grunts have them.
Maybe the SQMS's could carry a few, 1 for each troop to play with on smokers!


You mean there aren't any women in the cavalry??
Last  time I saw a Cav officer they looked as though they squatted to p**s.
Hungry Hussar
The only reason FOR having female crewpersons on Tanks, is the daily AGE OLD TRADITION of buddy buddy chest washing  :pthat we Cav jockeys have been doing for ,,,,,how long,,,,,,nice thought though, I suppose if one wished to work with females we would join the Arty. Imagine reaching for a grenade, only to find pot bloody whatever you call it, smelly bits of wood....You know. Must admit, couldnt imagine letting one rip with a good looking girlie sitting between my legs, mind you I suppose I could squeeze one out if she where very ugly. WOMEN KNOW YOUR PLACE
quiller might  be able  to shed some light on women crewpersons in the RAC I know one of their signallers is qualified as crew and is female and I'm sure ot causes few problems.
you're right, there is a cvr(t) trained female in the rac. but unfortunately i'm not able to comment on individual cases as it would undoubtedly would turn out to be (with her being the only one i think). i might put my own personal opinions down later when i get the chance but at the moment the potential for massive problems if i word things wrong, means that i will have to give it very much thought.

but in general there aren't many problems at all.
Don't other Nato countries have them?

Seem to remember a Danish? Girlie tank commander, who engaged a sniper who had the temerity to fire 3 shots at her column, she suppressed fire by emptying the mag (Main Gun) in his general direction.

....yes, there were a lot of jokes at the time about monthlies etc... :)
yep drop short but the PMT/AS90 combination could get messy ;D

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