Women on a motorbike??? Help!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smiler_2733, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey all,

    Well, i am a women and i am going hopefully to get a motorbike but, the problem is, well, i am only 5ft 2, so the bikes are too big as i cant reach the floor.

    I also only want a 125cc as i am only getting used to the speed.

    Any ideas??


    Keep smiling x
  2. Why do you want to touch the floor on a moterbike???

    That would proper feck up your shoes!
  3. I await the replies from small women who can (and do) ride large motorbikes with competence with interest...
  4. SEE : wimmin/bikes' thread for a selection of cycles and appropriate safety wear..

    post pictures of you astride different types in suggestive poses and we'll be glad to assess your needs.
  5. I get scared if i cant touch the floor. Had a major accident when i went motorcross riding and couldnt touch the floor so i ended up flying, if i wanted to fly i would have bought wings lol....xx
  6. Would you be wearing highheels and a really short skirt on this bike? Not being nosey or anything just gets boring sniffing leathers. Summat different and all that.
  7. Ive tryed a skirt but i couldnt sit on the bike properly...lol....i cant walk in hightheels, last time i wore highheels i got stuck in the ground lol....

    I wear leathers are normal stuff with a helemet....am thinking of getting a new helemet with ears lol.....not to sure if itll be dog ears or cats??
  8. You could get a CG125 or a Yam xv125, but they both look like very small Harley wannabes, ie feckin abismal.

    Kawasaki ZXr400s look OK, they have a sport bias and aren't particularly scarey, after all they will only go as fast as you pull the trigger.

    5'2" isn't too short though, there are still some options out there. Depending on your weight, inside leg measurement etc (really, not some sad online pervy request!!). This is probably more important than overall height. If your legs are 5'1" and you have a 1" head then you could get your feet and knees flat on the floor after all!!

    Also as far as weight goes, if you are both 5'2" tall AND wide, then it's unlikely a 125 would cope sufficiently with your ample frame. If you are a slender 36 24 36 then you will be fine, and we demand some photos on the site.
  9. Please don't buy these hideous add ons for your lid. Thet look sh*t.
  10. Ok ill try and get some pictures....just ive got to buy a camara...lol..

    I am quite slender, so i think ill be fine.

    Thank you zxninerpilot

  11. Nice one smiler. What sort of thing are you really after? It could narrow down the choice.
  12. BTW I pilot a Kawasaki ZX9R if you fancy a spin. It could put you off bikes forever though!!
  13. Well, she got away with that with a lot less than I thought. All the comedians must be asleep in the sun.
  14. You shouldn't have any problem touching the ground on any 125cc bike because all the on-road bikes are quite small. Most moto X bikes 125cc and above are tall unless you put smaller wheels on them. But it all depends on what you want. A 125cc two-stroke sports bike is quick enough for a beginer but you soon get used to it. A 125cc four-stroke cruiser wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding but they are generally quite comfortable to ride.
  15. There are even some 125 race reps out there, but they make loads of noise, stink, and don't really go that fast. The skinny rear tyres look shi*e aswell.

    Me, I prefer a 190 rear section. Mmmm, nice!