Women of a certain age

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. As the modern generation of desert warriors never cease reminding my generation, we are officially old. The AFT has no further gradations for us and our memories of Ex Crusader are clearer than our memories of yesterday's breakfast.

    Those we have desired over the years have grown older too but some have aged better than others. This morning the charms of Celia Imrie were on display on SMK and I felt a tremble in my nether regions. This thread is to celebrate the dames de une certaine age like La Imrie - birds born between 1950 and 1965, who would still get "it" rather than be shagged mentally in their hey-day configuration.

    So I'll set the ball rolling with Celia (b.1952)...Sanatogen's all round!


  2. I have said this before and .... As long as it has a pulse ....
  3. I'm informed that the pulse is optional...
  4. Even if it was weak and fading with you.
  5. As long as its younger (legal of course) then me, not humongously fat and bearded then I am quite happy. A bit fussy I know, but to be fair that fussyness is when I am sober.
  6. Getting fussy in your old age?
  7. I have done the army first aid instructors course and am quite capable of giving it the fuck of life. However if the worst happens I will be happy as long as it doesn't revert to room temperature too quickly.
  8. Celia.

    Norks - tick.

    Sense of humour - tick.

    That'll do for me :-D
  9. Charlotte Rampling
    Jenny Agutter
    And of course Dame Helen
  10. Happy with that.oh erm and esther rantzen.
  11. Gentlemen the ladies must hail from between 1950 and 1965...
  12. Damn, that rules out Marianne Faithfull ...
  13. But therefore includes you!
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  14. She's 57 and the mother of 3.
    [​IMG] Think this tops the rest
    The original uptown girl Christine Brinkley

  15. That gets Nigella in then, born 1960......