Women not as Robust as men shock revelation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Good CO, Jan 9, 2002.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    From Telegraph:

    "A new study has found that the "gender free" policy, introduced in 1998 after concerns about the poor fitness levels of women soldiers, is putting female recruits at "excess risk".

    Women are now eight times more likely to be discharged with back pain, tendon injuries and stress fractures than their male counterparts, the study concluded".
  2. Quelle surprise! I bet it cost them millions of pounds to find that out too.

    "A new study (by me - at the pub) has found that women are better looking than men"

    " A shocking new study has found that fat people run slower than thin people"

    " A surprise study by a group of highly paid scientists and experts at stating the bleeding obvious has found that stupid people are not as good at maths as clever people"
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  3. I suggest that. in future, instead of spending millions to get an obvious answer from boffins the Army should just put on a free bar occassionaly and use the flow of suggestions, information and ideas that will be forthcoming. Like SUMO664, I have conducted a few experiments at the pub in the past and would like to add that:
    1. Not only are women better looking than men, they get better as the evening wears on.
    2. Even those women who start the evening not as good looking as the men miraculously pip them to the post by chucking out time.
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  4. Its amazing what can be learnt while quaffing a pint of the old falling over water,but beware,its all a trick by the less robust section of the community to get us to agree to things while we are in a beneverlu....bineverlint...good mood that we would never ever consider normally.

    So dont be surprised when you think you have put the world to rights at night, in the morning you end up with a swift kick in the swingers!
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  5. The stated reason for excluding women from the direct fire battle was their potential negative effect on operational effectiveness.  It was then decided to measure this by conducting field tests,albeit not with proper soldiers.
    The stated reason for excluding homosexuals was the same.  However before the ban on homosexuals was lifted no field tests were conducted.
    A clear case of double standards and intellectual dishonesty.  But can you imagine the ex brief? "Right lads, let me introduce you to Gervaise who will be your sect comd from now on."
  6. In the same way that some (less good) Public Schools now take girls in the sixth form, to boost the numbers of high fee paying pupils; I thought women were being actively recruited into the Army because of 'manning' problems!  ;)

    Thankfully there aren't many females who want to have a job which entails physical robustness, and those that do are generally perfectly capable. Nothing wrong with having females in my line of work anyhow!  :D
  7. Not like the ACC to be PC..... NOT

    Any way, women are great, but I COULD eat a whole one.... which reminds me - must call the girlfriend.
  8. Apparently sex has been proved scientifically to be good for you.

    check this link

    Of course we all knew this but it lends huge credence to the drunken 2AM chat up (followed by fail miserably and continue to drink harder)
  9. Can you imagine the stress eminating from the turret of a tank if it were crewed by women, after they had all schronized themselves and were suffering PMT

    Comd:- Driver left stick!

    Dvr:- Dont you tell me which way to go, i know which way to go and what stick to pull - You are always telling me what do do

    Comd:-Gunner traverse Right!

    Dvr:- Oh thats right, have a go at her as well

    Radio:- Hello W30 send sitrep

    Comd: just shut up, i dont feel well, i want a hot waterbottle, my bed etc
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  10. they should have at least 50 in each regiment for gate guard no one would get in past a woman with pmt and a rifle!!!
  11. Of course most women are not as robust as men in the Army, but Funny how they still manage to fluter the eye lids and get there on way in the end....

    And if that don't work then they form little groups and cut the men out completly.
  12. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Wouldn't follow one at all, but I would say that they have a point about childbirth!!

    But then again, you dont have to give birth in order to destroy the enemy.
  13. Hey you lot - Watch it!!!!!!

    Come and fight me in the NAAFI if you want!!!
  14. I dont think anyboby wants a fight, we are of course now curious just how hard you are and which NAAFI ?

  15. I'm really, really, really hard, in fact i'm f*****g solid!!!
    So go back to the main board and you will notice "THE NAAFI BAR" - That's if you ever want a good wacking or a drink!!!!! (I'm only joking - don't take it to heart). :p