women jailed for sex with 12 yr old boy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scruff_2, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. I like these quotes

    "The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, later told police he had consumed 10 bottles of a vodka-based drink and was "really drunk."


    "He praised the "courage and strength" of character of the victim throughout the case."

    Bet the lad was chuffed to fcuk really :) , he was so scarred after the first time he went back 200+ times just to make sure!
  2. Wow, I have to disagree with you, Scruff. When I was 12, I would have shagged anything female and alive. This lucky young lad got free alcohol, a sh*t load of free sex and 'rewards' to go with it. He went back up to 200 times for this 'ordeal' so I think it was unfair to jail her. God damn that lucky lad!
  3. 10 bottles of vodka based drink, really drunk and he still managaed it. Well done lad. I was going to say keep it up but that may be unnecessary.
  4. Plus he received a free pair of trainers for his 100th "performance".

    That's not a bad incentive, better than Tesco Clubcard points.

    Unless of course Tesco allowed you to mount a fairly unattractive northern pikey on completion of your weekly shop.
  5. I would have climbed on that after 10 free beers
  6. How does he do that! he has a bright future ahead of him
  7. 9 years is a bit harsh (even for that munter). Paedos don't get sentences that extreme
  8. What? Paedos don't get that? WTF do you class grooming and riding 12yr olds then?
  9. Yea, I supoose at 12 years old I would have too.

    When I was 18 I was sh**ing an munter who paid £4.00 and a steak dinner each time. Like the 12 year old I needed a good drink inside of me to get it up.
  10. What? Paedos don't get that? WTF do you class grooming and riding 12yr olds then?
  11. Don't get long sentences! They seem to get short spells rather than the short drop they deserve ( I am talking about men who molest little girls)
  13. Night terror would be closer if you saw the pic.
  14. terroratthepicnic

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    I think she has been around the block a bit, as according to the paper she is a '36-year-old mother of Cavendish Road, Middlesbrough'. The mother of a whole road. It must of been like throwing a pencil into the back of a bedford.