Women jailed for attack on soldier....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SOLO, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. A JUDGE demanded an end to booze-fuelled violence after jailing FIVE women for brutally attacking a defenceless soldier.

    The vile women, all members of the same family, launched the "sickening" orgy of violence after an all-night bender.

    Graphic CCTV footage shows the full extent of the brutal attack on cowering Matthew Campbell, a serving member of the British Armed Forces, outside a pub in Grimsby town centre.

    It is a shocking example of Broken Britain which, said Recorder Rachim Singh, must be "stamped out".

    The women were filmed PUSHING their victim to the ground before PUNCHING him in the face, KICKING him repeatedly and JUMPING on his back.

    They even stamped on his head so hard they left a FOOTPRINT mark on his face.

    He also suffered fingernail scratches to his scalp, and wounds to his back caused by the women's heels.


    Shocking ... judge condemned booze-fuelled violence

    As cops try to arrest the women, they are seen struggling and spitting abuse in the CCTV footage.

    Grimsby Crown Court heard they even had the audacity to tell passers-by that Mr Campbell was trying to attack THEM.

    But their story was blown apart by the crystal-clear colour footage.

    The shocking unprovoked assault was launched at 11.40pm, shortly after pub closing time, on November 4 last year.

    Yesterday, the women all admitted affray and were jailed for six months.

    They are Helen Barber, 29, Rachel Barber, 31, Kelly MacDonald, 32, Belinda Tomlinson, 42, and Katie Tomlinson, 21.

    Sentencing them, Mr Singh said: "The CCTV showed the sickening, brutal and repeated attack.

    "You were all fuelled by drink, which is not and can never be an excuse.

    "Regrettably, this has creeped into our culture and it really must be stamped out.

    "The police have far better things to be doing than deal with this sort of nonsense."

    He added: "Kicking and stamping are just as bad as having a weapon in your hands.

    "It is by good fortune alone that Mr Campbell did not suffer more serious injuries, including death."

  2. And imagine the deserved slagging that Campbell is getting from his mates.......
  3. I view this in two ways...rather embaressing being beaten up by 5 women...which means he must have been Catering Corps ;)

    But also rather sickening that women get into such a state that they do something like this!
  4. The most sickening aspect of this whole incident is that the "soldier" was beaten up by five women!

    What a fucking homo.
  5. Doesn't mention the guy who knocks him to the ground first or his mate following in with his feet.
    Just the women who take over with the kicking once he's down.

    Watch the clip, once he's caught off guard by the first guys head shot and goes down; he's fecked.
  6. I wonder what he said to provoke it? No doubt something highly witty and charming that was mistaken for an insult. "Can I see your growler?" perhaps.
  7. Wonder how the story would have been played out if the bloke had tried to defend himself ?
  8. I don't see why. You can see in the vid that he was loath to gob any of them. I reckon any fella in that situation would have much the same thought.

    And anyway, five wimmin can do an awful lot of damage. I grew up with five sisters and, believe me, leaving the bog-seat up was akin to a death sentence when they all piled in.

  9. They may have beaten him that night, but now their names are public knowledge they will certainly never leave their door unlocked ever again.

    ''Day, night, wind or rain... one day the knock will come''.
  10. Why deserved? if he had fought back and given the slags a good beating he'd be the one in jail and for a lot longer than 6 months.
  11. Helen Barber, 29, of Sussex Street, Cleethorpes,

    Rachel Barber, 31, of Suffolk Court, Grimsby,

    Kelly MacDonald, 32, of Cooper Road, Grimsby,

    Belinda Tomlinson, 42, of Lime Grove, Humberston,

    Katie Tomlinson, 21, of Pasture Street, Grimsby
  12. Very unlikely really, the reality would be that "whoever" would seek out these charming beauties, track them down to a bar/pub, drink a few pints to pluck up the dutch courage to sort them out but end up trying to cop a crafty feel and snake his way into one of their knickers........a sad commentary of modern man :roll:
  13. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    So.... no pictures of the offenders? Just for research purposes, you understand...

    Chances are (even in Grimsby) that out of five birds at least one of them would be worth a poke. And you'd feel fully justified in pounding fcuk out of her kidneys while turning her cervix inside out.
  14. Not a chance they're even worse than women from Hull.
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Normally I'd agree, but this is a forum full of soldiers.