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For those of you who dont know. Martin Bell is doing a BBC Radio 4 series on Women in Uniform and how the roles have changed over the years for our female counterparts. I found it quite good report and its an ongoing episode apparently. Enjoy! I did am I am bloke! quite good topic for those whom are about to do CLM etc. Yes, I have done mine already!!!!

Doris's in Uniform in the Military
and I thought there were going to be pictures of attractive young girlie Naval officers in crisp white blouses, stockings..............STOP!!!!!!!!
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OK sod it. Im going to share my secret stash of women in uniform with you all now.

At what age do the IDF stop recruiting? I've a sudden urge to change religion and learn Hebrew.
Bearing in mind that it was an IDF mine that took my left leg in 2002, I think that the Israeli MoD should give me one of those as compensation :D
Undoubtedly mate! Get on to their embassy pronto!
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