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Women in Uniform


War Hero
In my capacity as a very senior military figure, I think it is about time that the debate over women in uniform is expanded.  Many questions still exist, such as:  Is it fair to make them wear your mess kit jacket in bed; should they be rationed to teeth arms in time of war to aid morale; should they be subjected to REAL fitness tests (such as a mess presentation board) prior to any Mess function? :)

I dearly value your contributions...
more imprtantly, is it fair to subject the mess to a woman with a wide ARRSE in a pair of lightweights?

Women wearing mess kit jackets in bed is always a tactically poor concept of ops as it denies access to some fairly vital assets that are better off deployed to ensure maximum engagement while embarking on the main effort.


Sir, from one eventually to have your job, I whole heartedly agree.

But I must add that for a wench to wear one's S10 during the act of love is the pinacle of  romance.

Not only does it shut them up, when all they should be is greatful, but it also gives them a prescribed uniformity, which we 'sharp-end' chaps love!


Book Reviewer
Women wearing mess kit jackets in bed is always a tactically poor concept of ops as it denies access to some fairly vital assets that are better off deployed to ensure maximum engagement while embarking on the main effort.
Now here, in a nutshell, is our problem. Once again, the lack of a trained and professional General Staff in the British Army means that the initiative properly delegated to (and taken by) the mid-ranking commander is subordinated to a tactical "principle", elevated to a tactical "commandment".

In these days of OOW, it may be politically expedient to phase the deployment of these vital second-partyassets, or even to restrict engagement to other avenues and breakpoints into the core battle, for reasons other than the purely tactical.

Is it too much to expect you pipped-and-crowned chaps to lift your eyes from the mud, blood and slaughter and consider the higher aim of all this? The tactical engagement under discussion here is only a part of the overall operational aim - to achieve break-in, successful completion of the mission and safe extraction of the assets employed - any means or second-party assets used to achieve this should be viewed as tactica expedients, surely?
Christus Rex! I hope that's not your chat-up line? No wonder you Int types have green balls!


War Hero

There seems to be a distinct lack of female involvement in this debate!

Am I to assume that this site is wholly used by the male sector, or all those card carrying feminists too shy to post?

Come on girls, we full blooded males know what you are made of!  Why don't you show us some of it in public?
Can't we just get strippers in from our mess subs? Saves a lot of aggro.


War Hero
Don't know about strippers, Woopert.  Maybe that kind of thing is acceptable in your outfit?

Worst I heard was when a 2Lt was stood up for a Mess Ladies Dinner Night at the 10th Hr and actually managed to pluck a little honey from the checkout of the local Sainsburys.

All was good and the other subbies were mightily impressed until... She opened her mouth (filthy as a sewer) and told us that her name was Tracy...
I didn't say it was acceptable, just that I would like to see it. Now that reminds me of a time with 1 Regt AAC in Gut when......doh!


War Hero
Yes, but are you wearing it now, enforcer?

BAAAAHHH  Hmmmmhhh

I highly recommend the bearskin. Not only can women not resist feeling it, but after a couple of months getting pissed in St James' in the name of duty the paunch definitely starts developing.

So.. when the exertion of holding the gut in (and with no Sam Browne to help) you simply pull the bearskin over their head so they can't see.

You can then let it all hang out, have a good leer and get your breath back. Then suck it back in, pull up the 'skin and carry on.


Women in uniform...........it has been a superb success!  What else would we do on Balkans deployments?  However, I am a bit concerned that the Sergeant's Mess and the Navy lads seem to get there well before we even start to think about it!  

What the Balkans? The women? Oh Both. Strange that isnt it!!!

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