Women........ in uniform .........in boots, knee...!!!


Someone in another thread referred to the effect on males of girls in high boots and short skirts. I think every true male knows of this effect.
However for those older males here could I take you back to the early 1970's.
Someone in high places had decreed that if our women in uniform looked like women the terrorists would hold fire (stupid idea of course).
But the men on the ground loved it. Helping WRAC, Greenfinches, WPC's, climb in and out of awkward vehicles in a skirt and knee boots was what kept many "alert". Possibly a few ID's ( the biological equivalent of an ND), but good for morale and great for inter-unit relationships!!!!!!
Anyone remember this detail of a period in history?


I remember the CSU (Civilian Search units) in the mid '70s in Northern Ireland

The women wore black short skirts and black boots 'Ha Hayee...'

The young soldiers would w*nk themselves stupid in the sangers whilst they bent over searching joe public..

The sanger floor used to be like a skating rink...


I was over in Oslo at the big castle museum place and was mildly surprised to see a reasonably fit looking Air Force officer in her uniform complete with skirt and issue FMBs.... very forward thinking these scandanavians :)
Used to fly Scouts in the late 70's out of Bessbrook and XMG, loved it getting a WRAC in the front seat cos it was a 5 point harness and the only way to do up the crotch strap was to pull the skirt up to top of thighs, they would still sit in front and flash the rat anyway, dirty biatches, got many a semi from that!

Happy days
Pics, damn you, PICS!!!...... :bounce:


Quis Separabit

Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
WRAC in skirts and boots - oh boy does that take me back! :D :D :D :D :D

...and the unauthorised high heels they would wear when they could get away with it....

...oh dear, I'd better sit down for a minute, i've gone all dizzy!

Unfortunately the web has let me down, I can't find any pics at all... :cry:


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