Women in the Royal Yeomanry

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tseks, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. I have recently signed up to W Sqn and I am aware of the current changes in hand but does anybody have an idea on the future roles for women in the yeomanry, whether or not they will continue to be as varied as now or if they will restrict us?
  2. Surely there is the usual ie 'combat human resource specialist', cmt, RLC trades...
  3. Yeopersonry surely?

  4. If you have nothing constructive to share do not get involved
  5. Yeah shut it, Phil! Everyone just CALM DOWN, OK?!
  6. I think the Royal Yeomanry's main role is armoured isn't it? I doubt they'll get rid of the tanks (if they have any) when they fill roles for tanky regiments.
  7. YouTube
  8. I would wager that the best people to ask about this will be found at your new regiment rather than on the interweb.

    The roles available here at QOY are the same as those mentioned by h301593. Some women have picked up an H licence (useful if you're SHQ or REME for instance), but as far as I'm aware the position on women in 'front line' roles haven't changed so the options are unlikely to include crewperson.
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    Nobody really knows what's going to happen to the Yeomanry anyway. A2020 calls for integration with Regular Units, some of whom will be armoured but some of whom will end up with Jackal so CR2/Scimitar crewman roles will likely be withdrawn from some Yeomanry Squadrons. Whether the Yeomanry will even continue to exist as a separate entity is uncertain, so you'll need to wait a while before you get an answer that isn't just guesswork. If I were you, I'd join up and enjoy the benefits of armour while you can.
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  10. If you lack a sense of humour do not get involved, Princess.
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  11. When I was in the Sqn my driver(Sultan)went on to become SHQ Tp Sgt then she went into the Sqn Recruiting Team, as has been stated there's always the G4 type jobs, but I don't know what the policy is or will be now.

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  12. I thought it was pretty clear in the A2020 briefings: 3 Yeo Regts will convert to Lt Cav, and 1 to Armd Reinfocment.

    Implementation order is still a year or two away, so until then - crack on girlies!
  13. I've read the other thread about the re-role to Lt Cav and it seems about as clear as mud. Some people think its CLP's and others are convinced its an 'up stream' SF style role.

    Moreover, which Squadrons are doing what?

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  14. When did that happen?