Women in the NAAFI

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Dec 14, 2002.

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  1. Now we are into the the twenty first century perhaps its time to forget how useless the girls are and allow them to contibute a little.

    They mustn't get carried away however and when reminded, should 'know thier place'
  2. Shut yer gob ya dog breath and get yer nob out! ;D
  3. Ooops...Sorry, must remember to be civil!

    Apology accepted?
  4. MDN,
    We are being bitchy arent we.
    You should do what L say's and get yer nob out, oops sorry forgot that wouldnt be the first time you've been asked to get it out and given alot of lasses a laugh.
  5. Who have you been talking too?

    Ginge, Ruth? whose dobbed me in

    Anyway there are already three birds on here that want me, no room for another, well we could ditch the ginger ;D
  6. That would be telling, had to sign a piece of paper as not to tell who told. ;D

    You know why guys call females birds, coz the men are all worms.
  7. Yes but we come from the Corps where friends are easily bought off and promises are shallow ;D
  8. Have to agree with you there, that is unfortunately true.
  9. As i read through the posts on this thread perhaps we should wait another 100 yrs before giving the female population a voice.

    Stick to washing up and ironing we'll try again in a couple of generations when you have evolved a little more ;D

    Point to note...my nob is out, impressive beast that it is
  10. MDN,
    Took ya a long time to think about what to say.

    There are machines called dishwashers to do the washing up these days and something called men (and I use that word loosely) to do the ironing. :-*

    So ya nobs out, have you found the magnifying glass yet?
  11. Your not burning holes in my old boy!

    Put it away, takes some effort, hes a big fella with a mind of his own and a roving eye, has a habit of spitting though, no manners
  12. I'm of the opinion MDN, that you're just looking for a fight?  One of these days you're going to meet a 16stone ginger haired Jock militant lesbian.......and it'll be too late for apologies!.   You'll be starting on those tour dodging, welfare grabbing single mums soon, you know...the one's hanging around the NAAFI, desperate for some mug to play daddy to little Ethan (or whatever the most recent trendy name is at the moment!)
  13. Names Like Chelsea, chantelle, Porshe etc

    Me spoiling for a fight, Think leeanne is a 16stoner ginger lesbian but she wont confess
  14. Aparrantly she is and she won't
  15. Wish I was.......Would have more body fat to keep me warmer in the winter! ;)